Books to Movie Edition 2021-A

Stacy of Stacy’s Books posted on InstaGram asking what the latest movie based on a book was worthy of praise. I took it as a throwdown to mention ALL the movies that were BETTER than the book! before I realized she didn’t really ask that.

But since I had just watched Housekeeping the film after recently reading Housekeeping the book by Marilynne Robinson, I figured you my Readers were due for another edition of BOOKS to MOVIE! What follows is random thoughts on our topic.

I know I didn’t really do a good post/review on Housekeeping, but I was gobsmacked by its uniqueness and its ending which . . .  was perfectly suitable but left me wanting to scream and discuss it and tear it apart with someone. You know; for FUN. I had much fun reading all the movie reviews, too. PRAISE for the actress, Christine Lahti, who played Sylvie, the pivotal most interesting character. The two girls, their parallel-but-not-the-same coming of age stories, the tenderness against the sad heavy plight of family. I think seeing the film enhanced my understanding of the reading experience. Win, win.

I looked up “plight” here – is this the word I am wanting to use? The definition of PLIGHT is an unfortunate, difficult, precarious situation. I think it works.


Okay, wordpressblock is SUCKING again. . .

OK, let’s just type and edit later.

Since the last Books to Movie Edition (which was apparently back in 2016. Well. HUH.), I have read many books that have been made into movies. Let’s list, shall we?

If I look at my books-read list and think… how many of these have had movies made? and how many of those movies did I see??? I think it is a long list. My latest post only talked about those movies I had seen that had been adapted to screen from book form. Uh, I think we are beyond the scope of a quick post update.

I don’t know quite what to do here! LOL

OK, I’m going to go through the last 5 years of book titles to see if I have seen any movies based on such. In the last 5 years. Can’t be that hard, can it?

Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons – SEE IT! omg, much fun. I might even say that the movie is better than the book! But. I also think that reading the book first makes the movie fun. I don’t think the movie quite delivers the same kick if you don’t have the appreciation of what is going on. I could be wrong. But the movie was great. (And if you have Amazon Prime and have seen The Man in the High Castle, let’s talk Rufus Sewall.) 2017

The Ox-Bow Incident by Walter Clark – intense. Book is better because the narrator is a sensitive soul with deep thoughts and that is tough to translate to the big screen, imo.

Wolf Hall. Well, yeah. GOOD STUFF. The mini-series with Mark Rylance. I liked the book better because it is just SO GOOD. But the vid version is entertaining, too.

The Time Machine. I actually posted both the book and the movie review together last year. I get its historic importance but it didn’t thrill more than just an appreciation.

Let’s keep this going. Let’s do another post or two, sometime before end of year, that lists movies I want to see based on books I’ve read.

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Did anyone even follow all this? LOL what a mess….

8 thoughts on “Books to Movie Edition 2021-A

  1. Yeah I followed it; it was sort of a mess, but in the best way. I recently read my first Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express, and the movie (the newish one) is definitely better than the book. Ratman’s Notebooks (movie Willard)…hard to say. In some ways the book was better, in others the movie. That’s a couple I’ve both read and watched recent-ish.

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