Update July 2021 in Review

 Monthly Recap Time!

I finished _13_ books in July. Total for the year: _77_ (33 mention pie)

Total page count (including print page count for books I listen-read) = __3022__, 18039 TOTAL pages for the year.

The 77 or 78 issue is because gr prompted me about a pie recipe book I had said I “finished” so it added it into my totals. Whatever, I will take it! I’m SO ahead of my goal – I mean it’s just August. WOWZA! There is also a chance I manage to finish another book before Saturday but since it’s not a Murderbot, I’m not making that bet. I have to run to the library to pick up Walter’s The Financial Lives of Poets…

Finished __ 1__ audiobook (~10 hours) 

Hardcover = 2

eBook (Audible/Kindle or Libby) = 6

Tradeback = __4__

Count from the library =  _8_, 1 purchased, 1 was my Audible credit, 3 were loans/borrows/gifts? that I’ve had for a decade plus. yea, so?


My favorite was One True Thing, but I must say I am glad to finally have read The Diary of Anne Frank.

I would say a lot are 4 star reads. I DNF’d one due to mood and time and lack of intense interest? One flip-through skim and realization not for me for a 2 slice.

I visited Newfoundland. I visited space colonies. I was in PA near NY, in Italy, on a train in England, Martha’s Vineyard to Boston NEW England, LACA, and a poetry book referencing Sarah and Hagar of the Old Testament connected to slavery times of the good ol’ US of A. And Amsterdam the Netherlands. That’s a big span of time and territory.

Three nonfiction, one poetry. 2+3+4+5 in series (what?!) One for my Classics Club 50. Three from my shelves for YEARS. Only one book by a man. That man worked with Jess Walter so that was an interesting unexpected connection to what is appearing to be a 2021 Jess Walter Project Year. Two translated works. Way too much Murderbot.

Fave quote?

None. But watch out for next month!

This summer month was another FULL on #20BooksofSummer! I still have 6 to read by the list I hoped to read for that challenge but also squeezing in one more for the TOB SummerCamp which I apparently am going to buy because my hold position hasn’t moved off 3rd in line.


Pie? Only three books mention pie. The Day the World Came to Town of course had pie! Neighbors helping strangers bringing food?! somebody was going to bring a pie. One True Thing is about family and if Thanksgiving is an event, pumpkin pie will be dropped onto the menu. Anne Frank had a pie reference, too, which was endearing to me.

I made Cherry Pie with Almond Crumble for the 4th of July and Peach Pie – for my grandnephew’s baptism bbq last weekend.


What was YOUR favorite book of July?

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8 thoughts on “Update July 2021 in Review

    1. yea, . . . sorry about that. I might have done it better justice if it hadn’t needed to go back to the library. I wanted to make sure the next reader, I’m sure a reader that the book deserved, got it sooner than later.

  1. You had a great month! Now I want to reread One True Thing. My favorite book for July was Count the Ways by Joyce Maynard and Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout was a close second. Happy August!

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