One True Thing

Thoughts by Anna Quindlen, Delta 1994, 289 pages

Challenge: 20 books of Summer, What’s in a Name / “ONE” Category

Genre/Theme: Contemporary Lit / Child-Parent Relationships

Type/Source: Tradeback/Gift from a friend

What It’s About: Ellen is young and ambitious, making her father proud. But then her Mom gets sick and her father basically orders her to quit her job – her career – her life to move home and care for Mom. She does but she does it to prove a point to her dad more than because she even slightly wants to do it.

But her Mom is the smartest and the bestest of them all. Ellen has to figure it out the hard way.

Your father was better at it. Much better,” she looked at me and added, “I’m sorry.”

That’s all right, I said, a little mystified because I was not sure what the apology was for. For so long I thought about myself as a girl who walked away from her mother’s life, that it would be a long time before I would start to think about the other part of the bargain, how easily she’d let me go.

Thoughts: Wow – what a story! Heart-wrenching. Not only does Mom die a horrible death by cancer but then Ellen is accused of murdering her. She spends a night in jail because . . . apparently Dear Dad didn’t even know about the arrest. The trial, the aftermath, the reconnection. Just wow.

I loved it.

Thank you Trish of Love Laughter Insanity for sending this book to me in 2012.

Rating: __5__slices of pie. Cherry once and pumpkin twice!

I cooked and cleaned and read; I simmered casseroles and made pies.


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9 thoughts on “One True Thing

      1. PS – typically/usually, any mention of Thanksgiving will also include PIE… Any book about family and time going by, often includes Thanksgiving. This is scientific research.

  1. Do you keep a record of books sent to you? Curious am I. 2012 was a while back. 🙂

    I would skip this one because of the cancer death (ugh, I do not want to revisit my mother’s horrible end) but it sounds great, otherwise.

    1. I understand.

      In the case of the last few books that have spent years on my shelf (hidden away in boxes), I have post it notes telling me where I got it. Sometimes I have notes in goodreads. Sometimes I don’t remember how/when I got a book!

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