Update June 2021 in Review

 Monthly Recap Time!

I finished _13_ books in June. Total for the year: 62 (29 mention pie)

Total page count (including print page count for books I listen-read) = __2848__, 14967 TOTAL pages for the year.

Finished __4__ audiobook (~29 hours!!) 

Hardcover = 2

eBook (Kindle or Libby) = 4

Tradeback = __3___

Count from the library =  _7_, 4 purchased , 2 freebies


My favorite was Jack.

A lot of really good 4-5 star reads, too. And only one 3-slice ratings that was a stellar book that just didn’t hit me right, perhaps. I stand by my 2 for Klara and the Sun.

I visited North Dakota, Spokane Washington (again), England, an invented Tropical island and the tropics of the South Pacific, St. Louis MO, an outer space planet, up a tree, around the globe and a bit of Mars with Helen Macdonald, and a college town with Ann Patchett.

Fave quote?

Had my heart an unbroken string, your touch would set it trembling.

from Jack by marilynne robinson

It was an amazing month. FULL on #20BooksofSummer!


Pie? Stephen Florida had cherry pie, The House in the Cerulean had pie, Hamnet mentions pie as did Klara – but more reference to pie triangles. Jack has pie.

I made a Cherry Rhubarb Pie – for Father’s Day and an Apple Pie for some reason I forget.


“Hate is loud, but I think you’ll learn it’s because it’s only a few people shouting, desperate to be heard. You might not ever be able to change their minds, but so long as your remember you’re not alone, you will overcome.”

From The House in the Cerulean sea

What was YOUR favorite book of June?

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4 thoughts on “Update June 2021 in Review

  1. I’ve never baked with cherries, believe it or not. I love to eat them fresh, though! I’ve had some good ones this summer.
    Favorite book of June, hmm.. Stoner? Or my re-read of Animal Dreams. Let’s call it a tie!

    1. Stick around for the end of year post when I share which book wins the coveted Pie in Literature Award. 😀 Thank you for commenting.

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