Update April 2021 in Review

 Monthly Recap Time!

I finished _13_ books in April. Total for the year: 41 (only 19 mention pie)

Total page count (including print page count for books I listen-read) = __2418__, + Q1 = 8903 TOTAL pages for the year.

One audiobook. 

Hardcover = 2

eBook (Kindle or Libby) = 1

Tradeback = 3, 6 series books (The Green Mile) were paperback

Count from the library =  _2_, remainder purchased , 2 given to me.


My favorite was A Tale for the Time Being. But all of them were 4-5 stars! no, that isn’t accurate but even my 3 stars were enjoyable. A really cool literary-coinky-dink wasa couple of times King mentioned “for the time being” and I fondly thought of the Ozeki. I will likely always smile when I see that phrase now.

I visited North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Delaware in Proud Shoes; The Green Mile was Southern (was it Alabama?) The Tenth Muse got me into Indiana again and over to Germany; A Tale for the Time Being was set in Japan and British Columbia. Slamming Open the Door, a poetry collection processing the poet’s grief for the murder of her daughter, brought me to a crime scene and a funeral. Four books nonfiction.

AND THE READALONG #GREENMILEALONG WITH Melissa was a great time! Thank you Ti, Laurie, Maree, and Sandy for joining in! (and thank you to the rest for putting up with my many posts.)

My TOB Fan page now shows the short list titles highlighted in teal font. I have procured Stephen Florida as the last of what I need for that – I’m still slogging through the audio of Skippy Dies. (Ugh – I’m not really into it.) I am tempted to reread a few, too, but not sure how realistic.

A few classics – Proud Shoes pub’d in 1956 and the Pie Cookbook, a gift to me from my aunt and a gift to her from my grandmother, was introduced in 1965. I love it! It has some really interesting combinations and new-to-me techniques. I am looking forward to trying a lot of the selections. Especially, because, as all of us good housewives know, men like fruit pie. LOL


Three featured a pie mention, with The Green Mile mentioning pie, moon pie and our narrator’s wife’s famous apple pie. King never disappoints. I seriously wonder if all his books have a pie mention… Proud Shoes had a particularly nice pie story – British books and US Southern books often have pie. Of course, the pie cookbook has pie! Are you ready for pie?

April had a birthday where the required pie served is Pecan. April 28 is Blueberry Pie Day and I missed April 3rd’s Chocolate Mousse Pie Day. I made Pineapple because; [thinking…] I don’t remember why. It was yummy and I liked the post linking it to books. ICYMI.

Pineapple Pie

 May 8 is Coconut Cream Pie Day, May 13 is Apple Pie Day. I think I’m going to make this for Mother’s Day.

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4 thoughts on “Update April 2021 in Review

    1. It is a book I’m appreciating remembering, if that makes any sense. I think I like the ideas rather than the reading process of it. No, that doesn’t make any sense! I also think it so really cool that the author was 90 when it was published! wow.

  1. I haven’t read A Tale for the Time Being yet, but I guess I should bump it up on my TBR list. Thank you for hosting the #GreenMileAlong readalong! Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Thank YOU! Laila of Big Reading Life is reading Swann this month and I’m still trying to find myself a copy. (our library system (not really a “system”) doesn’t have it.

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