Part 1 #GreenMileAlong Readalong

Announcing April #GreenMileAlong Readalong

Presented to you by @AvidReader25 and me! Recent Twitter activity: We have a schedule. Today being April 6, we will post on Part 1, the first 95 pages, including King’s note about the project structure.  We also have 6 of us reading! at least, 6 have enthusiastically tweeted or FaceBooked that they are willing to participate. (I’m sorry – I don’t have any more party favors…)

Part 1 – April 6  …………………………………………….. Part 4 – April 21

Part 2 – April 11 ……………………………………………. Part 5 – April 26

Part 3 – April 16 ……………………………………………. Part 6 – April 30 – The End.

Discussion on any part is not limited to only these dates. Be early be late, all good.

Part 1: The Two Dead Girls

OK, whew. I probably should have kept better notes. I did have a very “Hmmmm…” reaction to a few choices made by our author regarding race. Did we need to know the Sheriff was caught with a 17 yo black girl? I think not. Anyway, 


I purchased the serialized collection of individual paperbacks. At the end of Part 1, King asks the following:

Why does the mouse, Mr. Jingles, choose Delacroix as its special friend?

Answer? Because Delacroix feeds him? I have seen the movie multiple times, but I don’t recall the answer to the question….




Also, did we need all those many words to describe the urinary infection?

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14 thoughts on “Part 1 #GreenMileAlong Readalong

  1. Oh my gosh, yes! I had the same thoughts on both a few different mentions of race and on the constant reference to his urinary tract infection. Interesting how a few decades passing since its publication really signs a light on the race references.

    My book is split into 6 sections, but it’s all one volume and doesn’t include the questions. I think he picks Delacroix because he is kind to him and maybe a little simple. He loves the mouse.

    1. INTERESTING. So, on the series ‘gimmick’, if you will. I think I am missing a page from the second booklet. It is setup as a contest. Answer and mail in your answers for a chance to WIN an autographed manuscript of the entire set. The Grand Prize is autographed Stephen King “LIBRARY”!! worth ~$1000. I wonder if we can find out who won it….

  2. The whole urinary tract infection and King going on about it made me think it was more than that. You know how characters rot from within?

    The mouse. Highly intelligent creatures gravitate towards those who aren’t so, in my opinion.

    Also, I remember nothing about this series from the last time I read it.

    1. So, in your estimation, going off your note about ‘rot from within’, do you suspect our narrator as NOT a NICE GUY? I’ve seen the movie too many times. But also, where do you think King wants us to put this guy on the nice scale at this point in the story… Hmmmm

      1. Interesting. I see the main character as a good guy, but possibly rotting from within because of the horrible things he has to do for his work. I’d never thought about it that way.

      2. Wow, I hope this old guy in a nursing home doesn’t turn out to be a completely unreliable narrator! It seems a bit like murder is completely out of character for the death row inmates that are ending up on the Green Mile and they are being temporarily inhabited by an otherworldly being (like an electric current running through them?) making them commit these horrific crimes. (But they don’t use the insanity defense because they know they’re not insane, they just don’t know what made them do it?) But William Wharton is a different kettle of fish, it sounds like! The thing is still inside him and is coming to the Green Mile?

        1. This is FUN! that this is the first experience with this story. I myself have seen the movie twice, at least! so I do know ‘where’ this is going. It is fun to see your reactions. KEEP GIVING THEM! 😀

  3. My long comment from yesterday morning apparently never posted, even though when I used the back arrow and retrieved it this morning, WordPress tells me it looks like I already said that! I copied and pasted and will try to post it again, but if it turns out to be a duplicate comment, please go ahead and delete!

  4. Just finished Part 1! My thoughts on the racial references were that it was the story was in the voice of an old man relating events that happened in 1932 as he recalled them, so the words were jarring but the bigots were the bad guys. I don’t know when race of alleged criminals stopped being reported in the newspapers but it seems like it may have only been a few decades ago?
    The mouse seemed intended to me to be some kind of traveler between the world of the dead and the world of the living, maybe, from the way it disappeared with no visible way of escape. Death Row is like a waiting room between life and death and the mouse can go between the two? Delacroix was convicted of raping and killing a young girl but it didn’t seem to be really him — “a mild-mannered man with a worried face” — and the mouse singled him out because he was the victim of something that came over from the other side, maybe? The narrator says “whatever it was that had done that awful thing was already gone” and says executing someone doesn’t kill what was inside them.
    This is my first time reading The Green Mile and I’ve never seen the movie. It’s actually one of the few times I’ve read a Stephen King book in print, but I do have the audiobook, too, so I might do a little listening-along too!

    1. GOOD THOUGHTS, very interesting. Love how you are bringing the woo-woo. Don’t worry, there is plenty of strange stuff still yet to happen!

    2. I love the theories on The Green Mile! I have read it before, so I know where it’s going, but it is SO fun to see the ways the story can unfold. King does such an excellent job sucking you in and at this point, anything is possible!

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