The Down Days

Thoughts by Ilze Hugo, 2020, 368 pages

Challenge: TOB

Genre/Theme: Contemporary Lit, South African Lit, Pandemic Dystopia

Type/Source: eBook/Kindle (on sale)

What It’s About: Based on a what-if expounded from a true tale of a unique contagion, this story follows a ragtag group of characters through parallel search and rescues, backdropped against growing angst and society mayhem.

The virus’ main symptom is laughter. Yes, you die from laughing. Thus, laughter is outlawed and comedy clubs are driven underground. This may sound flippant and I don’t mean to be – I think the author did a fabulous job balancing the ridiculous with the sensitivity of this being a deathly disease. She had a deft touch in style and tone. The more I try to describe what I liked about this book, the more I appreciate it.

I was immediately captured by the characters and was instantly rooting for them. Well most of them; I’m not on team-Piper but she comes around, too. Dare I say that this is “fun pandemic adventure?” Sure, people are dying and the government is attempting super control what with scheduled medical check stations around town and requiring a medpass. I enjoyed the mystery and the capers, the race against time, the icky ooey descriptions and especially the words that were explained in the glossary.

Rating: Four slices of pie:

He’s also got fingers in other pies, not always steak and kidney.

and why doesn’t my end quote copyright show up in the tiny print I want??

who to create space?

10 thoughts on “The Down Days

    1. Yea… I get it. I do believe my next dystopia pandemic read will NOT be fun. (Tender is the Flesh) Maybe I’m “aint right”.

  1. The block editor took a lot of getting used to, and I still can’t work with images within the blog (resizing them, etc.) the way I could before. It can’t process large-sized images, it seems. Your post looks good! I don’t know if I’ll try the book. I DNFd Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King book where all the women fall asleep and most don’t wake up, and I was quite a ways into it, too. I did think The Power by Naomi Alderman was really good, though, and in that one women can give electrical shocks, thus gaining power over the men. Did you read either one of those?

    1. I found there is an image within the paragraph block that looks similar to the classic – or I was on a hybrid block, but I did get confused and frustrated with the images either not displaying or floating in too much white space. Figuring it out. Not sure I like this theme but I know change is here and sometimes I just need to jump in to the deep end.

  2. The premise is interesting and even with our own pandemic stuff I still seek out other pandemics. I am a weirdo. However, that cover gives me anxiety just looking at it.

  3. The cover kind of creeps me out, too. But, I love pandemic novels and haven’t stopped reading them merely because we’re stuck at home during an actual pandemic. Hopefully, this one will be under wraps by the time I get around to reading The Down Days.

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