Update Feb 28 2021 Sunday

Monthly Recap Time!

I finished _9_ books in February. This makes 15 for the year so far.

Total page count (including print page count for books I listen-read) = __2736__, + 1485 Jan = 4221 TOTAL pages for the year so far. 35% of yearly goal? wow.

The three audiobooks summed to _~42__ hours. (and 18 minutes)

Hardcover = 2

eBook (Kindle or Libby) = 2

Tradeback = 2

Count from the library =  _3_, remainder purchased or given to me.

My favorite was Piranesi.pieratingsml

Seven featured a pie mention: 2 Apple, Strawberry Tart, lots of generic “pie”.

I visited California a few times, New Mexico, a few days in Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and possibly New England (woot! for a Newport RI mention); international travels took me to Japan, Scotland and England, and possibly another out of this world dimension (Piranesi)

Most published in 2020 – all for the TOB. One in 2017, the one nonfiction; memoir/humor.

Cherry Pie Day was February 20th and here a photo of the meringue crust: then I filled it with cherry pie filling (from a can) and then, finally a slice of it:




Stats for LetterMo:  I thank the many of you who wrote me! WOOT. I received _28_ pieces of correspondence. My tracking is usually suspect but my official chart says I mailed 112 pieces, averaging to 4 per day.

Mailed to 28 states and three countries: UK, New Zealand and Germany.

I mailed 3 books – one to RI (Deacon King Kong to Sarah), one to ME (The Vanishing Half to Auntie Lil), and one to NJ (Telephone to Ellen of the Garden State).

Happy Chocolate Soufflé Day! Banana Cream Pie Day is March 2nd.

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2 thoughts on “Update Feb 28 2021 Sunday

  1. Nice blog redesign!

    I got another post card from you a couple days ago. Thanks! I plan to write one to you soon.

    15 books so far – I’m right there with you at 14 or 15 (I can’t remember right now.) Seems like a good pace.

    1. Wanna race? NO -just kidding. 🙂 Yes, February always is a good month for me. I need to get ready for post-TOB let down with a stack of books so I don’t have too much dithering of what to read. I’m excited that our libraries are opening soon for BROWSING. I can go to poetry looks. yippee!

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