August 2020 Mini-Reviews (Really!)


I read 7 books in August. I created 1 pie:  Peach Pie (I enjoyed other pies that someone else got to make…)

The big news is that I finished Ducks, Newburyport – a chunkster with LOTS of pie. Lots of pie and other things. I started the book in April.

“The fact that it’s important not to despair though when you’ve got pies in the oven, …, the fact that you have to have mercy on your pies, be there for your pies, and in return they will be good dutiful pies and serve you, …

OK, I do intend to write a full post of my random thoughts on Ducks. Perhaps Bybee and I can make a joint interview review of some sort?  I will say now that I really did enjoy it even if I was able to put it down for weeks at a time – I toted the damn thing back and forth to the boat and home many MANY times! And when I did pick it up even for just a few pages, I was right there, right back in her head.

Sometimes I think I grant the coveted 5 slicer rating when I struggle through and actually complete these big long books but something happened in the end that really didn’t sit right for me and I had to shave off some of the whipped cream for a 4. But I am proud of myself for completing this, I am!

Was it a struggle?  Yes, sometimes, yes. The darn weight of the thing was a struggle to hold!

On to the Patricia Lockwood. She’s just got a wild imagination. I reviewed this in last week’s Poetry Edition.

The Time Machine was an audio and I struggled some with this, too. Only 4 hours of the old language; some certainly outdated notions


that are jarring, but I’m glad to have read this and can now click off when I see it on any “Have you Read __?” lists.  I want to write a separate post of this, too, because we watched the movie this past weekend! The one from 1960.

I read the 50 Romantic Weekends for Two when I found the book on the boat…  It was a lovely photo book of B&Bs and I wondered how they are faring this 2020. I thought I would find one description mentioning pie, but alas, I did not.

The first three books of the month were heavy. So let’s start with that first memoir, my first August read, Heavywhich happened to be a LISTEN. Narrated by the author, Kiese Laymon, I was riveted and moved. Moved to what? Still working on that, how do I fight the tendency to be a thinker not a doer, how do I propel my values to a place of work; work to for making the world a better place? I can’t even work on my own life; maybe this is what I need to do to finally get out there and really do the action – letters and calls, donations and votes are good, but not enough. This was a real eye opener and re-affirming of humanity. and humanity’s pain.

(and I must say that the last book of July which was a terrific companion read to Heavy, was Thick and I didn’t really plan for the obvious (now) themes of title but definitely topic. Anyway, Thick was also all these things: sharp, weighty, intense.

Then I listened to The Other America, a speech by MLK, Jr.  and then the very heavy and scary and enlightening and anger-at-the-evils provoking When They Call You a Terrorist. I wish everyone would consider reading this book by one of the founders of BLM, Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

So, a bit of SJW reading, thoughts of what to do and how to do, while #SavetheUSPS was going on and too many more killings, and oh god, the conventions! I am one big ball of anxiety and yet I am safe in my little reading nook and I can barely breathe to move. Am trying to stay off Twitter and Facebook and not watch the news. I barely watched Hurricane Laura and now the weather is delightful, the days are shortening. I’m about to be late for work… Gotta go.



Sept 28 is Strawberry Cream Pie Day. That’s it, or at least the only one I know about.

Plan accordingly.



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5 thoughts on “August 2020 Mini-Reviews (Really!)

    1. We need our balance; the world has always had sucky news to take in – there is horridness everywhere, but there is goodness and kindness and positive things happening. The trick is not to allow ourselves to despair but to send good vibrations into the universe. Look to the sunshine. (my pep talk to myself…)

  1. litandlife

    “Thinker not a doer” – that’s me, too! I know I should be outraged enough to get up and do something but I struggle with knowing where I fit in. So, for know, it’s a lot of thinking about my own ways of thinking and behavior and trying to educate others.

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