July 2020 Mini-Reviews of Pie & Books


I read 11 books in July. I adored my reading month of books and audios. Blissful, book-filled July…

With some pie, too. Though not in my books – only Duchess Goldblatt delivered pie. NO, that’s not quite true! Kate Atkinson’s When Will There Be Good News had pie. Which is good news to me.

And of course, Pie As Art cookbook – LOTS of pie, yes. The winner of my giveaway is….   by randomly assigned sequential numbers to those who commented on posts and then running an online random number generator . . .  TA DA!  Jeanne of Nonnecromancer wins!  Will be sent off next week. Glad I have her address already.

“and those little pork pies they have in Marks and Spencer.” She was very specific about which shops you bought things in. Reggie thought that a person at death’s door shouldn’t really be too fussy about where her pork pies came from.

Get ready for August Pie!  Actually we have already missed Aug 1 being Raspberry Cream Pie Day. (and my “days” source told me that August First is also Homemade Pie Day. I hadn’t had that one on my radar.)

Aug 15 is Lemon Meringue Pie Day. I’m hoping to construct something tasty to celebrate.

Aug 18 – Ice Cream Pie Day

Aug 24 – Peach Pie Day

Plan accordingly.



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4 thoughts on “July 2020 Mini-Reviews of Pie & Books

  1. Oh boy! It’s my lucky day! Thank you!
    I mentioned Pie as Art to some friends and we had one of those small world moments because we had just read Becoming Duchess Goldblatt and then she mentioned the book on Twitter.

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