Pie As Art

Thoughts by Laura Rene Baker, 2020, 91 pages

Challenge: Pie Cookbooks
Genre: Pie Cookbooks
Type/Source: Spiral-bound, from the author (piebakerlady.com)
 Why I read this now:  I started reading as soon as I opened the package after arriving on my doorstep.

MOTIVATION for READING: I know the author; we’re friends from college.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  The author not only created the recipes, baked all the pies, wrote the copy, took the photos, PAINTED the artwork OF the pies, and likely assembled the books; she is probably responsible for the mailing of all of them out to her adoring fans.

I used the Peach Pan Pie as my inspiration for Peach Plum in my Cast Iron Pan:

THOUGHTS: I am thrilled for my friend!

RATING:  Five slices of pie.

I will give away a copy of this book to a random selection from the people who leave me a comment here on this post or like my tweet of this review plus follow @PieBakerLady and Retweet something she posted there or comment on my Instagram post or Litsy. Thus, you have multiple opportunities to win! Max of 5 entries; deadline August 4th midnight EST.

Book only; not the pie plates…

I’m not doing this to market myself, only to highlight my friend Laura’s accomplishment.




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7 thoughts on “Pie As Art

  1. Aw!! This is so delightful! Also TIL you can make a pie in a cast iron pan — can you do it in a very SMALL cast iron pan? I have an 8″ cast iron pan for which I am trying to find as many uses as possible. 😛

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