Olive, Again

Thoughts by Elizabeth Strout, 2019, 289 pages

Challenge: Book Club
Genre: Contemporary Lit
Type/Source: Bookstore purchase / the Concord Bookshop (MA)
 Why I read this now:  Suggested, had on my shelf

MOTIVATION for READING: I loved Olive Kitteridge. 

Almost 11 years ago to the day, I posted my review of Olive, book 1. I adored it.

… the reader will come to appreciate this rough and tough yet tender lady.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  This is another collection very similar to the first, of short stories either centering on Olive or has her barely mentioned in passing.

I loved the stories with Jack, and how he succumbs to the realization that he enjoys Olive and so takes the chance on a relationship. The way he lets her sit in business class on the flight to Norway was just too perfect. The chapter on the Larkins and their attorney was a gut-punch. As was the one where Olive meets the Poet.

THOUGHTS: Themes of loneliness and knowing yourself. I just love how Olive is so abrupt and blunt and judgmental but also knows the exact right thing to do or say when it is most needed. She is definitely prickly. I laugh at her, with her? and I cried.

RATING: Five slices of pie. No pie mentioned, but that’s OK. I’ll forgive.

No, I still haven’t seen the mini-series starring Frances McDormand…




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10 thoughts on “Olive, Again

    1. I had almost arranged a watch party with a good friend but… well, we both moved! I keep forgetting to look for it – I really don’t watch much TV (and don’t have all the streaming channels like the cool kids.)

    1. LOL! You will and you’ll be pleased when you do. I kept saying that, too! So many books I feel I need to read and then something else bullies its way onto my next-shelf…

  1. I’m not sure I will ever read this (unless I must). I didn’t love Olive and short stories are my format unfortunately. Strout is hit or miss for me. I loved My Name is Lucy Barton and Abide with Me but am just so-so about the rest. But, you know, sometimes that’s just the way it goes! 😀

    1. If you loved Lucy, you are OK by me. I get that some may not appreciate Olive and I’m good with that. But she has a way that … a WAY that hits me somehow and I love her.

      Maybe she is coconut.

  2. I reread Olive K before my e-copy of Olive, Again came in from the library. Loved them both! Do you think the author named her Olive because people tend to love olives or hate them? I just thought of that when you said she could be coconut!

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