So You Want to Talk About Race

Thoughts by Ijeoma Oluo, 2018, 7 hours 41 minutes

Narrated by: Bahni Turpin

Challenge:  Personal Challenge to Get Uncomfortable and Reflect
Genre: Civil Rights
Type/Source: Audiobook/Audible
 Why I read this now: Current BLM Events

MOTIVATION for READING: I follow Oluo on Twitter; this was on the highly recommended for NOW reading list.

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Oluo shares personal stories and her work experiences about having difficult conversations on the topic of race and racism. She directs her points to all audiences and explains all dimensions and nuances of the topic.

THOUGHTS: Very good. I am getting my own printed copy and I am getting a copy for our work library. I see it being a fantastic resource to visit again and again.

RATING:  Five slices of pie.

Highly recommended. Highly recommended to not just read but to allow (push?) inspiration of action.




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4 thoughts on “So You Want to Talk About Race

  1. This is an excellent book, isn’t it? I’ve been a fan of Oluo’s for a while, but after she wrote that profile/interview of Rachel Dolezal, I knew I’d basically follow her anywhere. I hope she’s working on more books! She’s awesome!

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