Bring Up the Bodies

Thoughts by Hilary Mantel, 2012, 14 hours 38 minutes

Challenge:  Personal (and TOB-driven since Wolf Hall is in the Super Rooster)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Type/Source: Audiobook/Audible
 Why I read this now:  Just its time, I guess…

MOTIVATION for READING: Second book in the Thomas Cromwell series and I very much enjoyed Wolf Hall.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  This second in the series was mostly all about the Anne Boleyn marriage years/tenure of the Henry VIII reign.

THOUGHTS: Still all Cromwell being incredibly adept at reading people and able to strategically tap-dance to the whims of the right people. He is so entertaining. And Mantel makes him come across so likeable! Amazing.

RATING:  Four slices of pie. Sadly, I dare say that an English setting like this SHOULD have pie mentioned but I didn’t note one. It’s enough to drive me back into the rhythm and pie of Ducks.


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9 thoughts on “Bring Up the Bodies

  1. This is the best one in the series, at least in some ways. And the play is wonderful. We saw Wolf Hall at a matinee and Bring Up the Bodies in the evening in London some years ago, and although it was hard to top the afternoon play, the evening one did it.

  2. With all the reviews this series gets, I do want to read it someday. If only the books weren’t so huge. I’m barely getting through 300-pagers. Still, I’ll read it someday.

    1. Some books arrive in the time they were meant for? SO MANY BOOKS! I get it. I really am half dreading the Mirror & the Light – it must be 3x this one. (the Audiobook is 38+ hours. This was 14!)

    1. Me, too! I just looked up Wolf Hall the series to see if we can view on our TV channel subscriptions and the answer is YES. I think we will have time this weekend since NO BOAT.

  3. litandlife

    Loaned my son this series before I’d ever gotten around to reading it. Of course, lately I’ve been really wanting to read it and it’s five hours away from me!

  4. I read somewhere (goodreads? A podcast?) that BUTB was a fantastic legal thriller and I thought, yeah…that is true. It is so much shorter and more intense that Wolf Hall. I put Wolf Hall on my holds list for audio from the library. I think I want to re-experience the first two before I move on to the third…

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