April 2020 Mini-Reviews



I want to post something and I don’t really want to write a “review”. These mini-reviews are what I can do. NEEDS MUST.

I already told you how much I loved Mad With Yellow. In fact, I am still MAD with the color yellow! Do you think it is the color of the season? I seem to notice every woman on TV who wears bold yellow…   And only because I don’t see men wearing bold yellow often. But, I WOULD NOTICE IF THEY DID!  I am loving yellow in fashion this season.

I’ve told you that I very much enjoyed Call Me By Your Name. I still haven’t seen the movie. Haven’t figured out how to carve out 2 hours of alone time in the apartment to do this. I just don’t think the husband would want to see it. Hmmmm. ANYWAY.

[One of my coworkers admitted that they drive around the block the equivalent time that it used to take to commute to work just to have some alone time. I get that.]

Tell Me Lies was a free audiobook that I DNF’d. Ugh. Could NOT be enticed to care! I really am not much of a thriller reader unless very VERY good. I must be swept away. If I get an inkling of an eye-roll moment, the whole deal is sunk. Ugh. AND THEN! I read the description on goodreads (and wondered how I missed it) and thought to myself, “yea. No.” Hey, it was free. Whatever.  (I am not the right reader for this – give me a break?)

The Sisters Brothers was the last book I needed to read for the Super Rooster Tournament of Books. I had been avoiding it and it really was a good read!  The movie was beautiful. The movie plot line didn’t quite jive with what I hoped to see, but I always like to give credit to another’s interpretation. (In other words, I am very forgiving and rarely say that condescending phrase, “the book is always better.” – absolutes should be avoided. And coulda/woulda/shoulda…) My advice is to just “read the book.” #shrug

I read The Banker’s Wife for a book club. Remember that admission earlier that I’m not much of a thriller reader? yea….    I really did enjoy the book club discussion, though, and we had some fun thoughts shared without being … horrid to it. #BIGSMILEYFACE. The women in this book kick some bad guy ass but it really isn’t my style of favorite read.

I just couldn’t get into Cut & Run. I got disoriented trying to figure out the different voices. #whentoomanynarratorsdistractfromanaudiobook

and finally, sadly, this pandemic just makes a reading of Dorian Gray, just hard. Difficult. Unrelateable. Weird.  DNF’d about half way or definitely 1/3+ way. Will have to figure out a way to talk the husband into watching the movie.


Be Safe. Be Well. Live in the Moment. Tell me what shows I must see.

Here’s a pie I baked for Coconut Cream Pie Day:

It’s actually Almond Joy Mousse Cake Pie!












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19 thoughts on “April 2020 Mini-Reviews

    1. Yea, the pie OK. It’s just TOO MUCH. I should have made one a quarter of the size, even tho I hide it in the freezer. I don’t think I’ll make it again. Apple Pie is up next! I’m going to make 3 mini pies this time. Fruit pie is less guilt inducing, too.

  1. I adore Oscar Wilde but even I agree that The Picture of Dorian Gray is hard going, especially if you’re not in the mood for it. He’s really better when he’s writing plays, bless him. The Importance of Being Earnest is legitimately amazing.

    1. I try, I do. I love Wilde’s quips and love reading about his life but I as of yet, really am not thrilled with his writing. :/ I’ll try again with Earnest.

  2. Wow, that pie! I’ll have to save it for a time when I can have lots of people over for dinner again! How are you doing with Duck, Newburyport?? Not sure I’m up for it right now, but am so intrigued.

    1. Honestly, it is soothing, in a way. And I’m going to have some serious street cred when I finish. Which I suppose ‘street cred’ is not a very PC thing to say, but… I am going to be very proud of myself and I don’t feel like I have much else going for me on any other plane. PLAIN ENGLISH! which version of that word do I want here? #shakeshead

  3. I like yellow. That burnt yellow was very popular last fall and kind of never left.
    Thank you for the postcard. Your mail always comes at a time when I need some cheering up so thank you for that. I am okay but on any given day that changes. Mostly, just angry at stupid covidiots and their antics. I get all worked up.

    My fave gluten free bakery in Santa Barbara was only open for pickup if you ordered a week in advance so because I didn’t, I could not enjoy a sweet treat. Instead, I got a box of sugar free Popsicles which of course, suck.

    1. oh, no! it is buttercup, daffodile YELLOW! crayon yellow. YELLOW yellow, nothing burnt about it. Glad the card met you where you were. 🙂 and Just order something in advance and be excited when it happens. In fact, what a great idea…. pay for something so far in advance that it comes up right at the perfect time!?

  4. Show you have to watch? Well I’m usually way behind the curve on television. What I’ve been watching and loving lately is Schitt’s Creek. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch it! It’s delightful. Also, The Repair Shop on Netflix. Also delightful and soothing.

  5. Not Dorian!! Dorian is one of my favorite books. Wilde is SO over-the-top, but I can see how a story about a selfish, seemingly immortal, and completely depraved boy would be difficult to read right now. Please promise me you will try again someday when we are free again. It is SO good!

  6. Congratulations on finishing the Super Rooster reading! I still have Ali Smith and Cormac McCarthy to go… plus, did you hear that the zombies are going to be the runner’s up from previous years? In that case, I have another handful of books to read as prep.

    No TV suggestions for you. But there is so much good stuff out there (so much of it based on books too!), I am sure you will find something to keep you entertained.

      1. As I understand it, rather than regular Zombies that are based on popular vote, when it comes time for the Zombie round, what ever book is still in the running will be forced to compete with its second-place competitor ONCE MORE.

        So, for example, if Station Eleven makes it that far, it will be up against All the Light We Cannot See, which it stomped in 2015 in the final round. So it is entirely possible that the Rooster of Roosters will be won by an also ran and not even one of the winners. Gotta love it!

        1. Can I just say that this perplexes me and makes me feel tired? Do we have a list easily findable of all these 2nd placers?

  7. litandlife

    I didn’t even know that The Sisters Brothers was a movie – now I really need to get to that book before I watch it.

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