Pie and Books, Books and Pie


I am reading Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellman. Because… why not? The fact that I don’t know how to run the TV by remote control, working remotely, TV is a wasteland, waist, waistcoat, pandemic weight, weight gain, wait, the fact that I can’t be bothered to make a decision of what to watch on TV, too many choices, select, choose, too many,  tomb any, the fact that I just don’t care, that I’m overwhelmed by the choices, that when I go to a huge grocery store with aisles of canned vegetables, with shelf upon shelf, long lengths of shelf devoted just to tomato sauce choices, I can’t select, how can anyone choose, give me a small store any day, the fact that I prefer a quiet place to read, the fact that the only way to have a quiet place to read, to read Ducks, Newburyport, is to NOT have the TV on, and once the TV goes on, I can’t read.

(The main character bakes pie…)

Friday, May 8, is Coconut Cream Pie Day. Hey, I don’t set these days. I only bake the pies. Well, when I can. I always WANT TO. Wednesday, May 13, is Apple Pie Day.

For the 8th, I’m thinking about making this even though it isn’t titled a pie. I think I can make it count as pie. I don’t own a spring form pan. I know, right? WHA? WHY?!  I can’t answer that. I just don’t have one.

I’m drinking Dingle Gin. So much for Dry Mondays.

Then I thought, “Hey, I wonder if I can find some kind of apple and coconut pie together…”, I searched and found this: Apple Pie with Coconut Cream

It… sounds complicated.

I made a blueberry pie last Tuesday. It was Blueberry Pie Day.



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14 thoughts on “Pie and Books, Books and Pie

    1. Hi Marg! and pshaw… My pies do not look as good as YOUR cakes! Confession – I used scraps from prior pie doughs that I stash in the freezer. You can tell the outside crust edge is different than the pastry on top – it had a different butter ratio so cooking wasn’t in sync. Not the prettiest pie I’ve made but it tasted great!

    1. My work here is done. Enjoy your pie! I know you will. Feel free to purchase pie dough in the roll out tubes of your preferred grocer brand. And Blueberry is the easiest!

      As to that stream of consciousness, if you like that, you will like Ducks Newburyport.

    1. Make that pie! so many choices… Go crazy and make more than one.

      We are OK. Just tired of all this and scared and ready for summer but unsure that summer will look like. You?

      1. About the same. Tired but still enjoying the inactivity. I would love to eat on a restaurant patio, but I’ll stay home longer to ensure we don’t have to go back into quarantine at a later date. I only want to do this once.

  1. Coconut anything sounds good. I can’t remember the word I’m supposed to use if I have nothing else to say. We’ll say it’s dingleberry. It’s the gin’s fault.

    On the other hand, about summer . . . I guess it’s going to be normal, here, but just with more dead people. Almost everything is already open, in spite of the fact that our virus cases are surging. I’ll bet you’ll be able to un-dock the boat, soon. Maybe the social aspect will be limited, though. It seems this country is fine with loads of dead people if it means Taco Tuesday and manicures aren’t interrupted.

    I would love to have a boat and sail far, far away, right now. Do you know, only 95 people have died in Australia?

  2. What what what is this Dingle gin? Is it gin made in the Irish time of Dingle? I ask because I love gin and I love the Irish town of Dingle and I would love to combine those two things if poss. Also, I am hugely impressed you are read Ducks Newburyport. I do not have the stamina for it.

    1. Yes, Dingle Gin from Dingle Co Kerry Ireland. Tasted it on our Dublin tour a few years back and have been searching ever since. Last week or so, the husband FOUND!! oh joy and jubilation. It is good. With Fever Tree Tonic, of course.

      I actually think I need Ducks, Newburyport. (SHHhh, I haven’t opened it in a few days, goes better in a weekend time)

  3. Your homage to the Ducks mindset was AMAZING. The book and its rythm really gets into your head, doesn’t it? Kind of like a piece of music or something that you find yourself humming without realizing it.

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