Call Me By Your Name

Thoughts by André Aciman, Picador 2007, 248 pages

Challenge:  Book to Film, personal
Genre: Coming of Age, Romance
Type/Source: Barnes & Noble 2 for 3 Table most likely but I really don’t remember…
 Why I read this now:  short, different, no pressure, just because

MOTIVATION for READING: Ok, confession/admission. I have a fascination with Armie Hammer. He stars in the movie version of this title.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  Look at the cover of this book. Art. Perspective.

The story fascinates me on so many levels – kid of academic parents who are expats?  I think, anyway, academics of the true liberal arts. Living in Italy, owning ocean front property, hosts an academic student every summer, have people over ALL THE TIME for dinner and tennis and pool lounging and swims in the sea, and  an apricot orchard. As one does. Discussions of things WAY over my head, authors and texts I can’t even pronounce. And this kid finds the current summer academic student extremely intriguing.

And then mayhem ensues.

Except it is perfectly uncoiled – the tension, the dialog, the tension, the touch the talk the confusion the obsession. Tightly held and slowly, tensely, O.M.G already, happen something damn it!  Happen!

THOUGHTS: Truly, the setting is beautiful. The relationships are so endearing. The father-son talk had me in tears. Very fun book. I enjoyed this very much.

RATING:  Five slices of pie. No pie mentioned but I did make an Apricot Apple Walnut Pie…

I keep trying to figure out when I can watch the movie…  Soon.





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10 thoughts on “Call Me By Your Name

    1. You know how some people HATE seeing the book covers with movie tie-ins? It always makes me want to read. I can do with out the Timothee kid but AH is ah….

  1. They way you described all those gatherings makes me want to read it for that reason alone. Getting cabin fever over here big time.

    1. This would be a GREAT reason to read it! I would love it; pool time now, reading with a view of the sea, someone to bring me a lemonade… ah

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