Poetry 2020 Edition 3

Poetry Goal 2020:  to read a poem* every day.


Collection #5 by Ted Kooser, Copper Canyon Press 2004, 87 pages


. . .

You asked me if I would be sad when it happened

and I am sad. But the iris I moved from your house
now hold in the dusty dry fists of their roots
green knives and forks as if waiting for dinner,
as if spring were a feast. I thank you for that.

+ .  .  .

Memory is another poem that I wanted to share but it is longer than appropriate for a post, and yes! it features pie but I couldn’t get that portion to be meaningful without also sharing every stanza.

Basic and powerful, simple images yet evocative of place and time. With “three kinds of pie”!

I hinted for this to be a lovely gift to me to those who might be so inclined to need a suggestion.


Collection #6 by Susana Gardner, Black Radish Books 2011, 115 pages


perhaps there is only gray  in what we

must name experience — in what we

site as meaning or wayward curiology —

yet before this time I only saw  black

as black or   white   as white   though

gray might certainly and often overtake

me — much more often was caught on

the edge of what is so easily nicked —

.  .  .

mere lapsed

feathery happenstance




*Or more. I’m not tracking, I’m just reading. I’m not limiting this experience to one poem a day – that is only the minimum.


Copyright © 2007-2020. Care’s Books and Pie aka Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

3 thoughts on “Poetry 2020 Edition 3

  1. Ted Kooser’s poems are so easy to read, and so gentle. He’s a good antidote to the current situation of the world and a consolation when a person has lost someone dear to her.

  2. Oh I LOVE this project! I subscribed to Poetry Foundation’s poem-a-day emails, and I’ve always been so glad I did. Even though I don’t love every single poem I receive, it’s an awesome way to discover new poets, and some of them are absolutely gorgeous and great.

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