Nothing To See Here

Thoughts by Kevin Wilson, Harper Luxe 2019, 329 pages

Challenge:  Tournament of Books [Bracket]
Genre: Contemporary Lit
Type/Source:  Tradeback LP / Library
 Why I read this now:  Came in off hold and had the next due date

MOTIVATION for READING: It’s that time of  year…

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  OK, now this is the fun one!  A non-motivated 28-yo is invited to a friend’s house and given an odd opportunity – take care of the friend’s stepkids, keep them out of sight from the press, and ensure they don’t set anything on fire. Because these two kids are fire children. They can burst into flame when anxious or upset.

THOUGHTS: I enjoyed this odd tale and its odd apathetic narrator who doesn’t know anything about children. It had a few laugh out loud moments and was heart-warming in the end.

RATING:  I might have rated it four slices of pie.,but it is rounded up from 3 1/2.





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12 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here

  1. I liked this one too! I don’t think it has the legs to make it to the finals but I enjoyed it (and look forward to the movie adaption that is surely already been optioned!).

    1. It could be a fun movie — we could play, cast that film! Actually, I think I did see somebody suggesting Kristin Steward who is really not my favorite Oh who am I kidding, I don’t know who the hot actresses are anymore…

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