“I Should Be Reading” – January 2020 Update

I am suffering from “too-many-books-started” paralysis right now so let’s update my January stats, shall we? I combined the results of the poll from previous post. Thanks for playing.

The first book I started to read on January 1, 2020 was Villette. I’m not yet done; put aside for TOB. Gulp. Go ahead and place bets whether or not I ever finish!?

The first book I completed in the new year was Mercy by Toni Morrison – this was part of my Super Rooster catch up. You can read my post here or by clicking on the book cover image. I gave it 4 slices of pie.

I then finished Treasure Island on audio. Again, an so on, click the cover Four slices.

Followed by The Day the World Ends poems (3 slices) and Heartland (3 1/2 slices). Click the book covers to see my posts.

Now for the non-reviewed and my favorites.  Jumping from poetry and nonfiction, I enjoyed Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous on eBook. Four slices. It was beautifully evocative. Such imagery! And enjoyed less Normal People by Sally Rooney. Three slices. The characters annoyed me and I just didn’t grasp what everyone seemed to love about this one. I can appreciate the writing but I couldn’t invest in the story. (Book covers do not link…)

I was captivated by the audiobook The Water Dancer  by Ta-Nahisi Coates – four slices and was even more enthusiastic for ebook Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha. This was my favorite fiction read and earned 5 slices of pie.

My last read of January was the poetry collection Debt to the Bone-Eating Snotflower because it was whimsical and science-y. The title comes from a celebration of a deep ocean worm called by its Latin name Osedax mucofloris and if you have even less than middling knowledge of Latin you might see the translation, yes?

Nine books – 1 nonfiction, 2 poetry, 6 fiction

3 Audiobooks, 3 Tradebacks, 2 eBooks, 1 Hardcover

27 hours 3 minutes

1393 pages

Only two with PIE:   

I made black bean and sweet potato empanadas:






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17 thoughts on ““I Should Be Reading” – January 2020 Update

    1. I think you will enjoy both. and thank goodness, neither or exceptionally LONG. (The challenge is real right now if you are trying to slam through a book. Why bother? I wonder, but I ‘m obsessed.)

  1. Looks like an excellent January! I have Your House Will Pay on the top of my big stack of books that’s next to my bed, so it might be the next thing I read. Right now I’m reading a quite long secondary world fantasy called The Poppy War, which is good but very VERY dark. But Your House Will Pay is up next! I am excited it is not so long!

    1. Yay – I look forward to your thoughts on YHWP. I have The Poppy War on my tbr, I think. and I just responded to your romance tweet (I mean, by doing some tbr-ing of the recs to your request)

    1. Hmmm let me think, why did I like it? I think I did find it rather vulnerable and his word choice often poetic. Plus he approached interesting theme-parallels with Heartland that hit me in an interesting way. I remember Monarch butterflies.

  2. Normal People is on my list to get to eventually. I do not share the same illness that you have (too many books started) but I have a new illness that I invented called “once you finish a book you must immediately pick up another or die”. This is how I am maintaining my reading pace. Which means that halfway through a book I am picking out the next one. It’s working. Last year’s slump bugged me.

    1. Oh, I get that disease – sounds much more advantageous and smart than mine… I have finally settled in, tho, I think. Nothing To See Here is CRACKING ME UP. The kids burst into flames. – it’s killing me!

  3. litandlife

    I wished I had read On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous instead of listening to it, even if the author read it (and he does a fine job which usually ups my appreciation for the book). I think I would have had a greater appreciation for the writing had I been fully focused.

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