Poetry 2020 Edition 1

Hello my dear friends of books and pies, I am here to talk about poetry.

My goal for 202o is to read a poem every day. I’m not tracking, I’m just reading. I’m not limiting this experience to one poem a day – that is the minimum.

And I’m loving it!

I started the year with Joel Coen’s The Day the World End: Poems.

I liked a few of these but overall, not so much.

Next up was this lovely collection:

THIS!  was wonderful and fabulous and very very enjoyable!!!!

Ok. So, I’m thinking this post is boring and I’m not wrong. But I don’t know how to talk about poetry. (Not that I really know how to discuss fiction, either). But this collection is fun and smart.

and referenced pie, so of course I would love it. No, even without pie, very good.

NOW is my story of how I came to find the 3rd and 4th poetry collections I will feature in Edition 2 of Poetry 2020.

I went to the library now that I have figured out that slim — I mean, THIN and very slim, as in low page counts — are the way to go to get me to read poetry.

I went to the library and went right up to the first non-busy librarian I could find. (by “not busy”, I meant “not talking to another human”) and asked for directions to where I could find shelves with poetry. I was directed to go to the Reference Desk and ask for D_.   Which I immediately did.

Or, rather, I went to the Reference Desk. No one was there. I wandered until I found other suspiciously-librarian-looking humans and asked if I could find D_. One of these luminary beings was D_!

I followed her to a section where another human was already pulling Mary Oliver books off the shelf. This person was asking about poetry and blah blah blah; we chatted, we laughed, we shared, all good… I grabbed the thinnest fewest-page collections I could find and ran.

(Not really.) I went to check out with my TOB holds and am delighted to share that when I got home and looked up the poets I brought home with me, one had been a Poet Laureate!

I will accept help on how to post about poetry…

<– pie for Super Bowl LIV



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5 thoughts on “Poetry 2020 Edition 1

  1. My suggestion on how to write about poetry is to start with one line of one poem. Talk about how it makes you feel. If you then want to talk about another line, go ahead. But don’t think you have to talk about every line in the poem. Just start with one or two.

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