May 2019 Mini-Reviews


May was . . .  a month of some reading. It was SOMEthing. Heck, I barely remember May. I do remember that the days kept getting longer. I love that about May.

I read a few books in May:

Except that I abandoned Maid. Just couldn’t get into it. I meant to but when three weeks go by and it never moves, I figured it wasn’t meant to be.

In the meantime, I started the 639 page The Golden Notebook and fell right into that rabbit hole.  I’m still there. But it’s going! (And if you saw the latest gr update, you’ll know how it is going.)

Let’s mini-review:

Underground Airlines. I liked it. Gave it four slices of pie. Pie was mentioned! bonus.

“Every town had its steeple and its water tower, and the shoulder was dotted with wooden signs advertising pies and antiques.”

The quote above reminds me of Pickers. We’ve been watching Pickers. A lot. Or hub is – I’ve been trying to read.

Liked it. Would be a great book club book. Be sure to look up the controversy.

Milkman by Anna Burns. The audiobook. Yes, yes – I decided I must listen as a re-read this glorious story, this wonderful wonderful story that is complex, heartbreaking, funny, and amazing. I enjoyed the heck out of it listening. More so than reading so if you want to just roll and ride with this young lady trying to live her life as best as she can while enduring the times she must live in, try the audiobook. Five slices of pie and I’m pretty sure I picked up on more pie references on the second time through it. Narration by Bríd Brenann.


Atomic Marriage by Curtis Sittenfeld

A quick 2+ hour audiobook that I got free and decided to try because I am curious about the author. I will read more by her. I will also enjoy most anything narrated by Diane Lane. I actually gave this 5 slices.

I notice that I tend to give 5 slices to really long books and really short books.


Chocolate Pudding Pie




June 9 is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day – just sayin’ 




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9 thoughts on “May 2019 Mini-Reviews

  1. Milkman was AMAZING. Totally agree.

    I am currently reading Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken for the Summer TOB. Way too quirky for my taste but lots of mentions of PIE SHAPED rooms which makes me think of you! 😀

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