March 2019 Mini-Reviews


March was a delight! Celebrating the Tournament of Books is the best thing about March. If you haven’t heard, My Sister the Serial Killer WON! Very happy that this would prevail (after suffering the disappointment of Milkman being knocked out. Y’all can read most of this already in prior posts.)

I read a few books in March:

I DNF’d The Italian Teacher and wasn’t as impressed with the second half of Washington Black as I was with the first half. I can’t say The Lost Girls of Paris did anything for me and I loved listening to Michelle Obama tell me about her life from the beginning to now in her memoir, Becoming.

There, There was also somewhat of a disappointment but that might be all on me. I had built it up too much, knew too much about it, etc. AND, I read half of it fast and furious while trapped on a plane. Then put it down for a few days before rushing to finish before its last entry round in the TOB. I had lost all recognition of the various story lines and it couldn’t hold together in my head. And the ending – knew it was coming, of course, but the ending!  was abrupt. Felt almost like a cliff hanger but no cliff. More like a brick wall?

April is going better. I’ve already finished these two books:

Both 4 stars and plenty of pie.

And with that short update, here’s a few pie pics from this month:

From Pi/e Night on 3/14:

and from vacation to Baltimore MD:




April 22 is Blueberry Pie Day – just sayin’ 




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15 thoughts on “March 2019 Mini-Reviews

  1. The pressure of TOB reading can sometimes be too much. I don’t know how people who have to read for a living do it!

    Glad you celebrated Pi day! I was a little wording since you didn’t post about it on March 14.

  2. I liked My Sister, the Serial Killer even if I couldn’t relate to it, but I LOVED The Mars Room and don’t agree with the judge’s pronouncement of that particular head-to-head at all. I am proud of the fact that I read the winner well ahead of time though. That never happens!

  3. Sad to hear you didn’t like the second half of Washington Black! I was still really into it, and I absolutely loved the resolution Wash eventually comes to about his relationship with Titch. But I can see how it would feel episodic compared to the first half. Happy April!!

    1. To be honest, it could have been my impatience to finish so I could get to the books being discussed – a victim of my poor planning and the TOB hurtling to its conclusion.

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