Second Week of #TOB2019 Recap


Link:   The Morning News Tournament of Books

I am bummed that Milkman is out. Bummer. And I was disappointed in the judge’s decision – seemed dismissive. Oh well. I am fine with a reasoned and balanced comparison but a ‘Hey – I didn’t like it’ for reasons that expressed a lack of trying or any appreciation didn’t sit well with me.  A more gentle way to say the other book just had more appeal to personal taste is a fine argument, but I don’t think Milkman got that treatment.


I am thrilled that is ZOMBIE-ING! Not that excited The Overstory is as well.

And I just downloaded There There. I best read it; seems important. For some unknown unexplored reason, I have been avoiding it. (and yes, I do realize the week isn’t over – we’ll hear more about There There tomorrow…)

I am super excited to read The House of Broken Angels!  And I go back and forth on attempting The Dictionary of Animal Languages. I really wasted February not reading these! UGH. Oh well.

OK, that’s my quick recap. And, as in every year. I’m very much enjoying the commentary.

It’s my favorite time of year!




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3 thoughts on “Second Week of #TOB2019 Recap

  1. I am sorry to see Milkman go too, but I am enjoying the dramatic upsets! And I am tickled that MStSK might zombie and take it all. That is what makes the experience so fun and exciting-the unexpectedness of it.

    I would be annoyed if The Dictionary of Animal Languages takes the prize, however. The writing did nothing for me…word soup…and the story beneath it was cliched IMO.

  2. I was so sad to see Washington Black eliminated today. I really didn’t expect The Overstory to have more fans. Oh, well. I’m all in for My Sister, the Serial Killer now.

  3. buriedinprint

    For the most part, I’m enjoying the judges’ essays and their way of dealing with difficult decisions. Overall. And I’m pleased that Warlight is hanging in there as I really enjoyed that one. Milkman is on my list, and I’m looking forward to it immensely!

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