February 2019: What I Done Did This Month (#LetterMo)

Thoughts . .  .

I read _3_ books this February.

Milkman took me forever to read but I loved it. It will (I wanted to write ’twill’ but it looked wrong, ‘Twill‘) possibly be one of those interesting stories and TELLING of a story that stays with me and grows in the As. (The As are admiration and appreciation.) It was so uniquely crafted!  And involving and absorbing and brain-invasive. You can see that I also loved My Sister, the Serial Killer for 5 slices of pie. So Lucky was intense and had much to admire but elements didn’t tickle the (my) exacting finicky appreciation to the spot of oo-ah-ah. Yet it is still good! I do think it has much in style and topic and pace to admire.

I’m still* listening to Washington Black by Esi Edugyan. I have some issues.

I’m still in the beginning of The Italian Teacher. At this point, I have basically abandoned it. I have basically gotten so annoyed with the idea of trying to read on that I’m blastin and cursing the concept of ebooks. I don’t exactly know why I am so aggrieved nor why I just can’t shrug and say, “meh. I’m done.” I just have decided to not read a damn thing since or instead.

Ok, start of rant. It reminds me a The Paris Wife and I could not abide that book. NO. Something about poor putupon wives with little kids and over the top big personality husbands that just …   annoys the super crap out of me.

And this makes me sad. SAD! because this is a TOB book and it has effectively KILLED my TOB momentum and enthusiasm. AND typing that, realizing that makes me sad and mad. WHY did this book derail my M and E? WHY? And now I am annoyed with myself for being derailed and annoyed and unhappy about it all. UGH.

I was SOOOO excited for this Tom Rachman! I loved The Imperfectionists!

I blame it on what else happened in February:  mild flu, husband catching cold, said cold being caught by me, cold running various versions of its mutations throughout my body over weeks. I am now starting to feel better.  Hub is still doing some cringe-worthy coughing bouts.

Which is the perfect segue to #LetterMO!  Write? right?!

I wrote 100+ letters during the month of February.  I received 46 pieces of fun mail during the month. Twenty-two people mailed me letters or postcards and of course, I wrote them back (if I hadn’t written them first… TAG YOU’RE IT!)  Be warned, my corresponding drops off sharply in Spring. If you want to write me, don’t expect a quick return letter, but do know that I *will* eventually write back. I did try to write all of my book-blogger-penpals once this month. If you wanted a letter and didn’t get one, I’m sure it was lost in the mail. (HA! No, do not let me blame the usps. If you want a letter, please let me know. I apologize and will write you straight away. Or by summer. same thing.)

This was a good #LetterMo. It grounds me in some way I have yet to explore fully.

Time for the TOB part of the post.

I updated my brackets:  Just click on the pic below to access a printable link.

The extended highlights are new from the last post of this pic. I will be following this TOB with regret that I didn’t read more but I’ll end up being wildly enthusiastic about the tourney while I kick myself for not having my own knowledge of what is being discussed. At this point, I’m rooting for Milkman to take the rooster.

Finally, PIE:

Chocolate Cherry Pie. [Cherry Pie Day is Feb 20.]

Are YOU excited for TOB this year? Do you like Cherry Pie? Did you know that March 2nd is Banana Cream Pie Day?!?!




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10 thoughts on “February 2019: What I Done Did This Month (#LetterMo)

  1. Except for The Italian Teacher, you had a pretty good month in books. I’m kind of glad to see you didn’t love The Paris Wife because I didn’t either and feels like everyone else did.

    1. OH Kathy, I had visceral reactions to that portrayal. Could NOT figure out why everyone seemed to love that book. It set off ALARMS. Hated it so much, never finished it.

  2. Chocolate cherry pie…that sounds like the most heavenly pie ever! Was it as good as it looks?

    100+ letters and postcards…how the hell do you do it Care?!! Aside from massive amounts of dedication. I’ve always been amazed by how many letters you write, but over 100 in just 28 days–just WOW! You must be a much faster letter writer than me; I swear it takes me hours to write a single letter. And still they end up incredibly boring, unlike the wonderful letters you write. Anyway, you will be receiving one of my oh-so-boring letters before too long.

    I will most certainly never be picking up The Italian Teacher. Not that I’d even heard of that it before, but that’s beside the point. I will never touch it because it is now on my list of books that piss me off. I’m angry that it killed your M & E! While I don’t think I’d ever participate in TOB, I always LOVE seeing your joy surrounding it, and I hate that this book put a damper on things for you.

    I really enjoyed My Sister, The Serial Killer too. Not really what I was expecting, but all the better for it!

    1. Yes, My Sister the Serial Killer was fabulous. and as to my letter writing, the secret is to have paper and envelopes and stamps always available, then just write a quick note and send it off. I don’t think about what I write and don’t worry about it. ;P

  3. Oh my, being sick like that is terrible! I had that in November/December, when I got sick, then my daughter got REALLY sick, and then I got sick again from taking care of her. That feeling that you’ve been run over by a bulldozer is just terrible and I hope you’re on the mend soon and can avoid your husband’s cough!

    I’ve never heard of (or thought of!) chocolate cherry pie, but that sounds amazing! I’ve got some apple pies to make this month- maybe I’ll wait and make them for Pi Day. 😉

  4. I get exactly what you’re saying about The Italian Teacher. I almost gave up on it for the same reason. It took a turn about halfway through that changed my feelings about it, and I ended up liking it a lot. Not rooting for it to win, because I think Milkman should take it out in the first round, but I’m glad I read it. If I’d been sick, though, I would not have gotten through that first half.

    And I’m amazed at all that letter-writing! So impressive. (And thanks for my postcard 🙂 )

    1. I saw you gave Italian Teacher 4 stars and I realize it must get better. If it was a book book, I probably wouldn’t have had the distractions that an eBook presents to me (let’s check Twitter, FB, wham! 1 hour is gone…) Anyway, glad you liked it and I will read some reviews to see what I missed.
      Tomorrow the fun starts!

  5. Thank you for my February mail! You’re the BOMB.

    I think Milkman could take the TOB. It was impressive. I don’t think the Rachman book will, though I enjoyed it more than you did.

    I am currently reading America is not the Heart and that leaves me with only Speak No Evil to read from the short list, and it is only 200 pages. I only have four more days but I think I can finish both by then. I am excited for the TOB but I don’t really have a horse in the race this year. Not like last year when I was really rooting for White Tears to win.

    1. Thank YOU for the book! Speak No Evil is quick but has punch. You’re probably done with it already.

      Bring on the TOB! We’ll be talking, I’m sure. Is the gr group bizzy in anticipation?

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