Thoughts  by Jesse Ball, HarperAudio 2018, 4 hours 52 minutes

Challenge:  Tournament of Books 
Genre: Contemporary Lit
Type/Source: Audiobook / Audible
 Why I read this now:  Looking at my list, this was a short one. 

MOTIVATION for READING:  Winner of the 2018 Summer TOB

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  A physician discovers he is suffering from a terminal heart condition and so he takes a job as a census taker; he muses philosophically on this father-son adventure. The author’s note in the preface states this is in homage to his brother who had Downs Syndrome.

WHAT’s GOOD: It’s well-told and interestingly odd. Or oddly interesting?

What’s NOT so good: I didn’t get it. I am going to need to do my review-research to find out why exactly this is such an awesome tale. I was not overwhelmed with admiration and joy but it had its amusing and thoughtful, insightful and dare I say? quirky moments. Definitely ODD.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Not the book’s fault but I am only giving this

RATING:  Three slices of pie.

The book DOES mention pie!  and I highlighted a few texts that I am hoping will come over from Audible?  Hope so.

Chapter 7 – “Win my tart of a sister…”

Chapter 10 – “Perhaps some pie.”





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10 thoughts on “Census

  1. I feel the same way about any prize winner, really. I always scratch my head over how the book stood out in an award worthy way. This book is on my list because it’s somewhat unique as far as plot. I get tired of the same story lines over and over so anything that is different catches my eye.

  2. I do hope to (someday?!) read some of the reviews that will help me appreciate it but right now, I think I’ll get back to reading my current book…LOL

  3. I’m with you on this one. I just didn’t get it. I didn’t participate in the Summer TOB but maybe I will wander over to the Morning News site and read up on the judgement.

    1. Oh Laila, I’m not doing a very good job but I do know that I am most excited about reading Washington Black and the Tom Rachman. I do like the writing in The Parking Lot Attendant. I hope to finish that soon and get my thoughts added to this poor neglected blog…

  4. I giggled that you included someone calling their sister a tart. That is an A+ pie mention.

    I read another book by this author, and I think I had similar feelings about that one as you had about this one. Like, there were definitely good parts! But it wasn’t super memorable, and it didn’t make me want to read anything else by Jesse Ball.

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