Recap of November and the Plan for December

 Hello Book Friends!

I read 9 books in November for a total of 70 for the year. 

My favorite was the Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. It’s terrific. Just so so GOOD. Read it.

Four audiobooks – two were free via Audible, which is appreciated. Two were Kindle ebooks. One was a gift from my Mother-in-Law:  A Captain for Laura Rose. The Jemisin was the second in The Broken Earth series (I’m listening to the final book now, The Stone Sky). Girls & Boys is a one-woman play – which is different. And it delivers a punch. Overall, a fabulous reading month.

So now for December. The time to complete challenges, meet goals (doubtful), bake pies, and write Year End Stats posts!  Woo hoo. 

I have 3 books to read for the What’s in a Name Challenge and don’t even have them in the house. Just realizing this is inspiring me to run to the library and GIT er DONE! 

I am happy with how many classics I’ve read this year but I’m unhappy with how little I unpacked my boxes of books.

We are considering a move to a different apartment in our complex – but dreading the actual “MOVE” of the CRAP part of that project. I also dislike dealing with the updates of utilities, address notices, cable company, etc stuff but …  I don’t know. The pros are that we will have outside access for dogs (no waiting for the elevator), place for a grill and no leaky windows. The cons are doing the physical transfer of stuff, losing square footage and going to one bathroom. Advice? Just talking out loud here. Thanks for listening.

And this completes my post for today! Has to be one of the boringest posts I’ve ever blogged. I do hope to make a banana cream pie this weekend but let’s show you the pies I made and/or enjoyed for Thanksgiving.

  Have a fabulous Month of December! May you meet your reading goals and have a Happy Holiday Season.

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13 thoughts on “Recap of November and the Plan for December

  1. We once moved to a different apartment in the same complex in suburban Washington DC, and a friend who was helping us said something funny about how next time we should move farther, to make the move worth it. Our next move was to Ohio.
    Access for dogs sounds like a good thing, although I don’t know about one bathroom.

  2. I liked Marra’ s follow up The Tsar of Love and Techno even more than A Constellation…

    Looking forward to your Year End Stats round up! I find these kinds of things very satisfying.

    Good luck on the move. My prediction is that you are going to do it. The pros appear to outweigh the cons.

  3. Outside access for dogs sounds like a must and I’m all for grilling, too… if you can make do with one bathroom. Moving, even within the same complex, is such a daunting task, but those sounds like two great reasons to do it. Leaving a leaky window behind is a good thing, too.

    I have another book by Anthony Marra on my kindle – The Tsar of Love and Techno – which I still haven’t read. Must concentrate on reading book I own in 2019!

    And the pies… that pecan pie recipe was THE BEST! Requests are already in for Christmas 🙂

  4. Back in Madison, I once moved from one apartment complex to the apartment next door. It was kind of insane, but worth it because the new apartment was just so much better than the one I was leaving. I think your new apartment sounds like a big bonus — I love grilling in the spring and summer!

  5. Just think of the dogs! Poor things have to wait to go outside? They are such good doggies. You can make it work with one bathroom. (And leaky windows? UGH!) Sure, moving is a pain, but it sounds like you would be moving for all the right reasons. (BTW, are you in the same apartment as last year? Just wondering for your Christmas card.)

  6. Before I was gluten free, my one friends asked me to make a banana cream pie for her party and I made a lightened-up version because I was on WW at the time. What a mistake! She has not let me live that down and it’s been over a decade. So, never try to lighten up a cream pie. I’m sure yours will be full-fat and delectable.

  7. I don’t know, man, I really love having my own bathroom. On the other hand, moving is a pain in the ass with some beneficial side effects — it’s so so helpful to be forced to go through all your stuff and decide what things are worth moving and what things you can just let go of.

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