Oh WordPress, How You Vex Me…

So, I open my ADMIN access to write a new post and am presented with “WOO HOO!!! TRY THE NEWEST COOLEST STUFF TO SUPPOSEDLY MAKE BLOGGING FUN AGAIN! and EASY! and COOL!! and…”


I tried going to my “tried and true” which is to Add New Post and copy my template which brings in my copyright at the bottom of every post and 

I’m not sure it worked. 

So I start typing.

I have a few things to share, I guess. I made a pie. (go see my Instagram). I read a books since last post and I’m reading a few so says gr. (that’s goodreads.com, if you don’t know.

What an old curmudgeon I am!  Yikes.

Earlier today, after receiving an unexpected gift from my 80 year old, I mean 29+ year old Auntie, I created a video via Facebook Story and then had to leave a FB message telling her I did so… when I get a text that says, “Huh? WHAT AND WHERE is this story thing you speak of?!”  And, sadly, I can’t help her. 

Doesn’t FB notify the tagged person when a story is sent to them?  Facebook is dying, methinks. egads.

(whoa. this editor just put a blue box around a paragraph I just typed and labeled it… wait for it…. PARAGRAPH.  Am I supposed to do something about it?

Ok, book and pie lovers, I am signing off. OH! I will tell you that I read Vanity Fair!  I DNF’d The Dud Avocado which makes me sad but it expired from the library. oh well. And I’m loving Beth Howard’s latest!  She is my pie-inspiration!  The book is about her marriage and moving to Stuttgart to be with Marcus. HE’s German if you didn’t figure that out. It’s good! She’s a good writer and like I said, is a PIE INSPIRER.

Here’s the pie I made the other night: Butterscotch Bourbon.

When I go to post this and want to add tags and comments and can’t figure out WHERE/HOW to do this, I might throw a conniption. Did I spell that right?



7 thoughts on “Oh WordPress, How You Vex Me…

  1. It’s a fine line sometimes, between wanting technology to work as it always has because that was fine and figuring out how to use new stuff that actually is an improvement, if you can figure it out!

  2. You are scaring me here. I still don’t have the latest and greatest WP version. I am usually okay with changes like that, but at least provide directions if you are completely changing the editor function!

  3. Oh gosh, I didn’t even know there were upcoming updates to WordPress. So far it seems like the same old thing for me. Although I took a break of three weeks and I’ve only composed one post since.

    Anyway, those pies looks AMAZING. How did they taste? I have The Dud Avocado on my bookshelf as we speak. I don’t know when I’ll get to it. Story of my life.

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