Standard Deviation

Happy Day!  Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday USA!! Happy4th

Thoughts  by Katherine Heiny, Vintage 2017, 322 pages

Challenge: Personal, just a whim
Genre: non-plot driven family focused comedy?
Type/Source: Tradeback/can’t recall
 Why I read this now: not sure about this, either

MOTIVATION for READING: Somewhere I read a positive rec on this and it landed in my lap. Jumped into my book-buying basket somehow. I don’t remember! I could possibly have been swayed by the mathematical-ish title.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  I have another video to share. Crazy, right? I do these with zero planning and then they make it into a post here while I probably should be doing other things. Like vacuuming.

WHAT’s GOOD: It *is* funny, but not wildly funny. (Why do we always have to qualify what is funny? such a personal odd thing: humor…) It has funny moments and witty insights and nutty characters.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Oh just watch this. See how I try to bury these so you have to read to the end of the post before you realize I have a video? Is this passive aggressive? I’m asking too many self-consciousy questions.

RATING: I give this 4 slices of pie – I enjoyed it. I’ve been reading too many heavy books. This fit me right when I needed it.

Well, wasn’t she the sneaky one with that cottage pie!”



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11 thoughts on “Standard Deviation

    1. oh, things happen! But it’s just not like a mystery where there’s this big reveal and then it ends. it is more like a year in the life kind of thing with adventures of Worrying about there son and Graham dealing with his ex-wife and just realizing that family is great

  1. I am loving your videos! I tend to like books about kids with Asperger’s or autism because it’s such a unique perspective. I’m adding it to the wish-list.

  2. This one is on my list too (and my library has it which is great). I thought it was on the TOB longlist from last year but alas no. So I don’t know where I heard good things either…but somewhere!

    P.S. great video. You could totally youtube.

    1. Well, I *am* on youtube. I have to upload to there to get ’em to show here…

      Thanks! And cool that this isn’t as obscure as I thought if you, too, have it on your tbr.

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