Thoughts  by Madeline Miller, Hachette Audio 2018, 12 hours 8 minutes

Challenge: Personal
Genre: Mythology
Type/Source: Audiobook / Audible
 Why I read this now: had credits to burn, hot book at the moment

MOTIVATION for READING: I really enjoyed The Song of Achilles (even though I’ve forgotten much of the ‘story’ – oops)

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  Circe is a daughter of Helios, banished to an island due to her use of witchcraft. We hear of her life from her perspective.

WHAT’s GOOD: Everything. Such fun! She lived a long long life and met many of the major players of Greek mythology.

What’s NOT so good: I don’t know… I thought it terrific.

FINAL THOUGHTS: She is presented as such a sympathetic character! She is strong, but she has her doubts. She has her failings; she ponders and regrets. She does the best she can. And when it works out for her, it is because she is true to herself.  I really enjoyed this.

RATING: Five slices of pie. No mention of pie noted.  Audiobook was well done.

Finally, more of me and my fascination/wannabe-bookcasterness:

Really. It is SO ODD to review myself. I like that I am expressive and that I didn’t talk too fast. But is that how I look? How we see ourselves is so different than the image inside our own heads…  How is 9:30 pm “late at night”? ha. I have to be asleep by 10 pm most days anymore…


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18 thoughts on “Circe

  1. Hahaha…the police. They are looking for ya!

    I listen to Book Worm and have added a lot of books from that podcast to my list.

    I have not read Circe but I am sure it will end up on our book club list for next year.

    I am eating up books these days. If I could write about them as fast as I’ve been reading them, life would be good. Right now I am reading a book about animals and how smart they are for book club. It’s not a great club book because I know the science will turn people off but it is very interesting. Especially to me, an animal lover who speaks for her dog in what I think is my own dog’s voice.

  2. Great video! I’m addicted to podcasts too. I started listening to Books on the Nightstand not too long before they stopped putting it out – and I just loved it. I miss it. I listen to What Should I Read Next, By the Book, and Annotated (by Book Riot) – those are my current bookish podcasts. But I get in moods where I want something new, so I’ll have to try So Many Damn Books!

    1. I know, right? about WHY Books on the Nightstand had to end right when I was getting interested? oh well. I follow them on Twitter and they seem like terrific ‘book people’.

      Wow – when I need a rec, I’m calling you. What a great list to overwhelm me!

  3. I miss Books on the Nightstand!

    There are so many fabulous bookish podcasts out there, I listen to a ton of them which means I rarely have time to listen to audio books! . If you are interested in a few other recommendations for podcasts to try: Reading Envy, The Readers, Bookfight and Literary Disco are all worth checking out if you are looking for something new.

  4. I LOVED this book! I adore mythology, and I have heard that for those who are not familiar with Greek myths, the story is a bit too much. They couldn’t get their head around the huge cast of characters or the stories behind the them. For me, it made me want to read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology all over again because it was so good.

  5. litandlife

    I loved this book, too! Adventure, love, family drama, humor – it has it all. If 9:30 is late, I take it you’ve started to head out to dinner in time for the blue plate specials?!

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