Let Me TELL You What I’m Reading

Thoughts. In motion.

Something different. Something fun? More? Maybe NOT? Keep trying?




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13 thoughts on “Let Me TELL You What I’m Reading

  1. Oh… love to match a voice to a face. You are reading some good books. I just finished King’s new book and it was so very good. I am still yapping about it. I am now deep into The Perfect Mother which sucked me in quickly and even with production week in full swing and me being all over the place, I suspect I will finish it this weekend. Next up Tin Man or Mystery.doc but Mystery.doc is like 1600 pages long so I don’t know if I am in the mood yet for that one or not.

    1. LOL, I feel like we’ve met F2F but we haven’t, have we? 🤪
      I have stalled reading… hopefully today, for a spell, I can finish O Pioneers. My brother just requested I send it to him when I am finished.

  2. You look terrific! Loved this. I agree; you should do it more often. As to the lack of knowledge of mythology . . . I’m with you. Fortunately, my youngest has studied mythology so thoroughly that I can ask him anything and he’ll explain it to me – the characters, what they’re known for, whether they’re Roman or Greek, etc. Love that.

    1. I need more time! no,wait, I need “better prioritization management skills”! But it is fun and I do want to learn these skills.

      Circe was terrific! I really enjoyed it.

  3. litandlife

    That was great – love hearing your voice! I loved Circe but I did have to keep going and brushing up on my mythology as I went. And O, Pioneers is so very wonderful – I would read it again in a heartbeat. Assuming I didn’t have so many other books I also want to read!

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