An American Marriage

Thoughts by Tayari Jones, 2018, 308 pages

Challenge: My Marina Bookclub
Genre: Contemporary Lit?
Type/Source: Hardcover / Barnes & Noble
 Why I read this now:  First book selected to kick off the summer of “Boats and Reading”

MOTIVATION for READING: I really liked Tayari Jones’ Silver Sparrow novel and this, her first book since, has been eagerly awaited PLUS is being received favorably by many.

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  A young black married couple don’t have the strongest of trust between them when a tragedy occurs. The husband is mistakenly accused of a horrific crime even though his alibi is verified by his wife at the time of the alleged event. He is sentenced to 15 years in jail in Mississippi; the wife lives in Atlanta. Thus, the marriage is further strained? Is that accurate? I think so.

The story is told through three viewpoints:  the husband, the wife and her childhood friend who introduced them, was the best man at the wedding and has been in love with the wife for years. These two begin a romance but she can’t quite bring herself to serve divorce papers and questions her own loyalties and needs. Then, husband is released from jail and comes home. How will this triangle resolve itself?

THOUGHTS: This book took me a long time to read. I would put it down and just not want to pick it back up. I found it realistically presented and the characters/ situations interesting but I couldn’t invest in the story for some reason. I can only take so much heartbreak and heartache.

RATING: Three slices of pie.

“Cool as icebox pie”




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4 thoughts on “An American Marriage

  1. Honestly, this reaction shocks me. I figured you would love it. However, you have been reading some heartbreaking stories lately. Do you think you were maxed out when you read this one?

  2. I also sometimes have trouble reading books that are very heartbreaking. I have to put them in the freezer for a while before I am able to pick them back up again.

    But I am for sure going to give this title a shot. I decided I would only read those books on TOB summer list if they are available at the library and this one is!

  3. I always WANT to love Tayari Jones’s books more than I DO love them — she’s like Michael Chabon for me. I have every intention of being into her, but there’s something about her writing that just doesn’t click for me.

  4. I understand about your limits for heartache. I come up against mine sometimes too. This one for me didn’t hit me as hard as I’d feared it would. I ended up loving it. I’d never read Jones’s work before, but now I want to. I loved the writing. I kept thinking, if something similar had happened with me and my husband after 1.5 years of marriage, would we be able to weather it?

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