Thoughts   by Tiffany Jackson, Katherine Teagen 2017, 400 pages

Genre: YA
Type/Source: eBook / Kindle
 Why I read this now: (sorry, I don’t remember what prompted me to buy this nor why I read it now.)

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Our protag is a young girl living in a group home; she has been serving a sentence for murder since she was 8.  Allegedly she killed a baby that her mother was babysitting. She has been mute most of the time since arrest-conviction-sentencing but is starting to remember what happened that night. To complicate matters, she has acquired a boyfriend and finds herself pregnant. She wants to keep this baby AND go to college but without a kind and caring support system and considering her situation, neither is likely.

WHAT’s GOOD: The pacing and suspense is crazy! The wondering the second-guessing, the horror of the justice system in this case is mind-blowing. And there is a question of trust. Is this poor girl a true unfortunate case of drawing every bad deal? Or …

What’s NOT so good: The ending. It was not a satisfactory ending.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This book wore me out. Not for the faint at heart. It has received a lot of praise and it also has a few critics for that ending. Do your own research.

RATING: Three stars.




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