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Undestroying Myself. Revel in my freedom. Terribly Human. Truth to Creation.

Thoughts  by Roxane Gay, HarperAudio 2017, 5 hours 57 minutes

Narrated by the author and admirably so.

Challenge: TOB nonfiction MAY
Genre: Nonfiction. Memoir.
Type/Source: Audiobook / Audible
 Why I read this now: TOB

MOTIVATION for READING: I have had this book on my tbr since I first heard of it. I enjoyed the raw honesty of Bad Feminist. I still have yet and want to read her fiction.

I went with the audiobook because it seemed right to her own voice to her words. Others agreed and announced it a good way to experience.

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Ms. Gay tells all about her struggle with her self-image, her self reality, and what is to blame. It’s raw, it’s intense.

WHAT’s GOOD: I like how she simply and powerfully states her truth.

What’s NOT so good: There’s so much ache. How can you dare judge? It’s her story. You might not do or react the same. You might make different choices but what  is the point of considering? It’s so complex, so difficult; hard.

I like these memoirs because of the honesty and raw truth. Don’t like it or do admire it but it’s a contrast to consider how one might react – the same or different and why it might be important. It’s not important; there is not better best yes. It just is.

I’ve always thought Roxane Gay to be brave – she is outspoken and opinionated and dares express it on Twitter which we all know tends to gather the worst of humanity in response.

This book testifies that she is courageous and brave and forceful and doing her as best as her can be a-doin’ it.


FINAL THOUGHTS:  I thought it interesting that I had in the past considered an idea that I would be a terrific technical writer and here is RG, a writer who fell into a tech-writing job. Just one of those odd pauses in my life when I wondered, what if? What if I had pursued it rather than wished it? And how can some people just find themselves doing things that I was to scared to ask if I could do?  Again, “Huh.”

As for “fat” books as a genre? Eek, that sounds… wrong but also great. Anyway, if you like this book, I recommend Shrill – which I just heard has been optioned for some kind of film!  OH YEA. Shrill was quite powerful on the Fat and Feminist genre niches.

RATING: Five slices of pie. Cherry pie and brownie pie.

Come on, Ina! Invite RG to be a guest on your show!!  (Has she already invited her?! did I miss it?)

I am excited to see what TOB does with these three books. I just downloaded the audiobook of Blackout by Sarah Hepola to round out this Nonfiction-full discussion event in May.


Tuesday, May 1: Introduction
Friday, May 4: Hunger, first half
Tuesday, May 8: Hunger, second half
Friday, May 11: Educated, first half
Tuesday, May 15: Educated, second half
Friday, May 18: Priestdaddy, first half
Tuesday, May 22: Priestdaddy, second half
Friday, May 25: Wrap-up


Audible hopes you’ve enjoyed this program.


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19 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. I like reading Roxane Gay because she’s one of the only women I’ve ever heard of who is a little bit taller and a little bit larger than I am. I like Chapters 59 and 78 so much I typed them out to send to a woman of my acquaintance who is working to make public speaking venues more accessible for everyone.
    And yes, I had a three-hour work-related dinner at a tiny restaurant on campus where the chairs have narrow arms on Thursday night, and I still have the bruises. In fact, I had to admit to the bruising when Walker and his girlfriend proposed going there again tonight (Sunday). Instead, we are going to a newer place across town.

    1. Yikes! And I’m glad you found a more suitable venue for dinner. I hope you had pie for dessert. I know I’m more considerate and aware of the airport seat issues but hadn’t considered restaurant décor problems.

  2. Self image is such an issue for women in our society so this sounds like an important book. I wonder if I could get my book club to read it.

    It’s not too late to pursue your dream of being a technical writer!

  3. I really need to read this! I’m so passionate about body acceptance and changing up our cultural expectations regarding the body, but I keep bypassing this book for some reason even though it is right there on my shelves. Maybe I should get the audio…

    1. I know I gave this 5 slices and I don’t want to diminish this, but … I think Shrill is the better book on pursuing a better self-image. I felt that one had more… how the world needs to be fixed, and this one was all about RG. If I could wish for one thing in Hunger, it is that she had advice and encouragement for how to reach little girls to have better self-image and I think that got skipped or maybe (like me) she doesn;t know. Thus the heartbreakingness. Does that make sense?

    1. oh wow! thanks. I thought about your comment the whole time I was listening, wondering what makes her a good or great writer? I think her courage and simplicity make her great.

  4. I overwhelmingly loved both Hunger and Shrill for very different, but ultimately related, reasons. Shrill felt more like “oh, I wish I could be more like that” while Hunger felt more like “yeah, this is me.” But bottom line, I admire the hell out of both these women and I’m so grateful for both of these books.
    Also on my grateful list: You! And pie.

  5. Oh my God, if Ina Garten hasn’t already invited her to be a guest on the show, I am baffled by her producers’ decision-making process. When that episode airs, which frankly I consider inevitable, I am going to watch the hell out of it. Roxane Gay’s love for Ina Garten is like the purest thing in the whole of the internet.

  6. litandlife

    I’ve been wanting to read this one for a long time, too. It’s definitely time to pick it up. And I loved Shrill!

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