How About a Pie Post?

My April has been more books than pie but I can share a few photos of what I’ve made …. lately?  For Easter, which already feels weeks and weeks ago (with no improvement to the weather, dare I mention?)

 These are the empty pre-baked pastry shells I readied for two different pie flavors; all in my preferred ~6 inch pie dish style.

I made three Farmers Cheese with Thyme Pie:

Recipe from  The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book… Not quite sweet with only a hint of the added honey. Almost savory, very creamy. I would like to think I would make this again. I usually do make some kind of this for Easter as a tradition.

and I made a Pecan, per my husband’s request:

Keep reading! and may you enjoy a slice of your favorite pie while doing so.

9 thoughts on “How About a Pie Post?

  1. Oh my goodness those savory pies look amazing! I just told my husband yesterday that this is going to be the Summer of Pie at our house. I’ve only made one pie in my life, an apple pie from scratch, and that was years ago. But I’m determined to give it another go and make one a week. I’ll share my progress!

    1. Oh yes YES YES!!!!! My suggestion? start your stack/list of recipes so that you can just have it ready for your rotation of shop/plan/create time. 😀 And also, feel free to buy the store brand of rollup pastry dough – makes for a quick process and some weeks you might need a “just do it” shortcut. FUN! I also suggest a blueberry – it’s truly the easiest – (no fruit prep). Can’t wait to hear about it!
      The year I made a pie every week, I gave pies to ALL my neighbors…

  2. I was just talking about pies with my coworkers. Now I am in the mood for a good fruit pie. I am making a quiche tonight, which is practically pie since I am using up some leftover pie crust dough!

  3. litandlife

    Ok, question – I like the idea of 6″ pies since we never seem to get through the bigger pies but how do you scale down the recipes to fit the smaller size?

    1. This sounds like a letter to be written… but here’s my quick answer. I halve it. Any recipe for typical pie, when halving the quantities, fits a 6″ reasonably ok.

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