Talking as Fast as I Can

Thoughts  by Lauren Graham, Random House Audio 2016, 4 hours 38 minutes

Narrated by the author. And of course, she is awesome.

Challenge: none
Genre: Celebrity Memoir
Type/Source: Audiobook / Audible
 Why I read this now: I had credits to burn and wanted something lively.

MOTIVATION for READING: I have something interesting to admit. I have never watched Gilmore Girls. I’ve never watched Parenthood. Oh, I *know* of Gilmore Girls and I’ve seen bits and pieces and of course, have read many-a-book-blogger post the GG book lists and gush all over about how wonderful the series is, but I don’t watch much TV and I don’t have Netflix. I can’t see myself downloading an entire series of anything to watch. I have placed myself outside of popular culture, it seems.

But I love Lauren Graham. I have seen Bad Santa. 

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Lauren talking about her life, her upbringing, her career…

WHAT’s GOOD: Her charm and sparkle.

What’s NOT so good: I probably should watch Gilmore Girls just so I know all the people she is talking about…

FINAL THOUGHTS: I listen to celebrity memoir audiobooks when I need to get over a reading slump, or to change it up, or to laugh, or to be inspired. This one was perfect for where I was at the end of March – post TOB slumparooza…

RATING: Five slices of pie? Maybe only 4 considering I didn’t relate to about 25% (she goes through and chats about what happened in the original series run – I didn’t know anything/anyone!) but who cares… No pie mentioned, that I recall. Pity. That would have ensured its 5 slice rating.

OK, her best advice? When someone offers you an opportunity and you think you can’t do it, do it anyway!  This bit was meaningful to me right now – when I am both overwhelmed by my new job and what I have to do and my doubts about whether or not I can pull it off. Am I a sham? Or is this imposter-syndrome? What if imposter-syndrome is TRUE? egads. Give me courage, give me strength. Give me a Lauren Graham pep talk.



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10 thoughts on “Talking as Fast as I Can

  1. Of course you can pull it off, and if the way you begin isn’t the way you mean to go on, I hope the people supervising will give you guidance so you can do it better.
    I recommend the first few seasons of Gilmore Girls. You can get the gist pretty quickly, and there’s not a lot of change after that, except in boyfriends.

    1. Thanks! Of course I can pull it off. And what are the consequences if not? Yea, I’ll figure it out. Sink or swim.

      I can’t see myself getting to the Gilmore Girls anytime soon, but I appreciate your tips. ;P

  2. I really enjoyed this on audio too. Celebrity memoirs are perfect for my audio attention span. I loved how “normal” she seemed. I am one of those who LOVED Gilmore Girls, but I do understand not really wanting to watch TV. I watch far less of it these days than I used to.

    And I love your tags at the end!

  3. I haven’t even seen Bad Santa! I never warmed to Gilmore Girls. It was too quippy for me. I watched the pilot of Parenthood. I am not gonna read her memoir but she seems like a pretty cool person considering the line of work she is in.

    Yes, you can do it! But I know where you are coming from. I totally understand the impostor syndrome…it is totally real. I live in fear that some day I will be found out.

    You know whose memoir I want to listen to on audio? Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming. I need to see if the library has that!

    1. Oh yes, that Cummings memoir sounds really good, too.

      Ugh, on impostering. I just want to feel competent but maybe we aren’t growing then and it is about the journey? Challenges keep us striving, I guess.

  4. I never got into Gilmore Girls. Or Parenthood the TV show. I know who Graham is, and I did read her novel. She seems fun and down-to-earth. I’m glad you enjoyed this one!

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