Something on a Sunday “Almost April” 2018

Last fall, I discovered that Jenny of Reading the End posted a very good blog idea for Sundays. The idea is to share good things. To Quote Miss Gin-Jenny, “to talk about things that kept me moving forward or gave me some joy.” I’m borrowing a few of her categories for inspiration:

Touched by:  I had dinner with a friend last night and she gave me a very sweet compliment.  I told her that I very much treasured her friendship. We are going to start a book club together for the summer! I suggested we start with Tayari Jones’ smash bestseller everyone   seems to be talking about, An American Marriage. 

Proud and Wowed by: All the wit and courage and feistiness of the March For Our Lives citizens. “Guns are not school supplies.”

Happy about: Having this morning to myself. Goals:  blog post, finish my Classics Club Spin book  Cold Comfort Farm, and laundry. Maybe vacuuming.

Sad about: K-State Wildcats lost to Loyola last night. But HEY!  We made the Elite Eight!!!  WOO HOOOOO

Self-cared for:  Uh, does it count in this category that I completed my first 5K yesterday? I had walked in many-a fund-raiser walk but this was the first that I entered that took official times and gave a shirt. I finished in under 1 hour; was 626 our of 636. LOL  (Had to set a baseline.)

Itching to tell you:  I have missed blogging! But I haven’t finished a book in weeks, it seems. My audiobook (The Zero by Jess Walters) is fascinating but I haven’t had long stretches alone in a car to listen.

Excited by: All the people who have asked me about the TOB! I do occasional Facebook updates on it…  AND I think I finally picked my favorite book of the tourney:  Goodbye Vitamin by Rachel Khong. It was knocked out by Exit West – a book that I admired but didn’t get charmed by. GV oozed charm. I read so many books that I liked but couldn’t really choose my bestest favoritist until I watched the booktube commentary by @daejin_v2! (Loved it. Impressive – I want to make a book review video…)

FYI – I downloaded Stephen Florida but I don’t think I will read it. I might open it and look at it…  I never could get my hands on Dear Cyborg – my library didn’t have it. I put a hold on The Book of Joan but it still hasn’t come to me yet. I’ll probably pass on that, too. Otherwise, I read everything! I think.

Also, my book club has selected Together by Julie Cohen.  Anyone read it?

Looking forward to:  SPRING. Warmer temperatures. Longer days of sunshine. Boat season. Common sense in politics. We can hope, yes?

Have a great Easter! I’m thankful for this blog, this little corner that is mine, but mostly for the kind and caring book blogging community and the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate you.




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18 thoughts on “Something on a Sunday “Almost April” 2018

  1. Congratulations on your 5K. I ran my first (and probably last) last month. I like to run but didn’t enjoy the race.

    I tried to get my book club to read An American Marriage but I couldn’t talk them into it. 😦

    I am so proud of all the kids standing up to the NRA, etc. If I could’ve, I would’ve been at our local march yesterday.

  2. March Madness, for the first time since I’ve cared, has earned its name. My bracket was jacked from the very get-go and things have not gotten better. 🙂

  3. We were out demonstrating as usual, with a March for our Lives theme.
    Can anyone fail to be charmed by Cold Comfort Farm? It’s one of my favorite books.

  4. To Bk Club Care; So happy to see your book lists for the SPIN!! Sounds like a great array of writing choices & authors!! GREETINGS from MA & Happy EASTER to ALL!! Puppies too!!

  5. 🙂 Your post makes me smile. Always a good thing to read some positive posts on a Monday morning, take a moment to appreciate good friends and book clubs, and admire the tenacity and dedication of March for Our Lives folks! Congrats on your 5K!

  6. So much good stuff here! Congratulations on your 5K! I need to get back into walking again. My work is holding a steps challenge during the months of April and May that I hope will become the springboard I need to start a few new healthy habits.

    Congratulations on reading (almost) the entire TOB short list! That is SO impressive! I have no idea what is going to win anymore because the judging has been insane this year. Fun but completely unpredictable. I do have a few new novels on my list of potential acquisitions now, primarily Fever Dream because Jenny told me I have to read it. 🙂

    Happy Spring!

    1. I *still* haven’t opened Stephen Florida. AND I am a bit interested in at least looking at Dear Cyborgs but I’m fine with Fever Dream moving on. I really enjoyed today’s decision post.

  7. Awesome about your 5K!! I’ve done one years ago and keep saying I’m going to do another one, and then keep stalling…

    I just finished Goodbye Vitamin (just posted my review last night) and that’s a tough choice between that one and Exit West. I think I might pick Exit West? But I might just flip a coin on that one! Both were good!

  8. Every time I open my Nook, Goodbye Vitamin shows up in the library on the front page and I can’t wait to get to it. But first, all of those net galley books!

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