It’s On! #TOB18

DD6C3A25-EDDE-4695-A8D5-69E447393C54I am on vacation and today kicks off the Tournament,

Round 1. 

(Edited that 3/7 was Play-in Round; Opening Round is 3/8)

I am writing this on my phone so I might be challenged with links and stuff. (No, looks like I managed it, click on “Round 1”.)

I managed to read the first third of Lucky Boy and am enjoying it. Gotta love ✈️ travel for dedicated reading time.

And, sorry Ruthiella – I might (probably) DNF Savage Theories. It’s entertaining in a way but also exhausting. Since it won’t be advancing…

The Idiot moves on!


I managed to read all but Joan, Cyborgs, Steve FLORIDA (where I am right now, escaping Storm Quinn), and DNFing Savage. I’m OK with it. You? Did you read ‘em all and if not, are you OK?

I didn’t fill out a bracket…

See ya in the commentary!

6 thoughts on “It’s On! #TOB18

  1. Savage Theories was a tough nut! DFN it as you will. I mean, I read it but I don’t think I understood too much of it. I finished it because this is the first year I was able to call myself a short list completist. 😀

    I wish Stephen Florida had advanced in the play offs because it is an interesting book to discuss. My love for The Idiot is pretty personal. Like, I understand why others would not enjoy it the way I did.

    Today’s upset WAS GREAT! I did not have any skin involved in this match up between Lincoln in the Bardo and Fever Dreams. But I love any victory by the underdog.

  2. Happy Tournament! I hastily read two of the shortest books in the tournament that I hadn’t read it, so I am now feeling hugely qualified to judge everything that comes up in the entire tournament. White Tears FOR THE WIN.

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