Manhattan Beach

Thoughts  by Jennifer Egan, Simon & Schuster Audio 2017, 15 hours 16 minutes

Narrated by Heather Lind,‎ Vincent Piazza,‎ Norbert Leo Butz

Challenge: Tournament of Books
Genre: Historical Lit? Crime Thriller?
Type/Source: Audio/Audible
 Why I read this now: Free credit time and this was the one I wanted to read next. 

MOTIVATION for READING: I wasn’t as sold on Egan’s Pulitzer winner but this one sounded different in style and the story interested me.

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Anna is a young girl when she meets an associate of her father’s. Eddie is the father and Dexter Styles is his employer. Destiny brings Styles  back a few years later as we follow Anna asserting her rights to be a female diver at the Navy Yard and we learn of her father’s disappearance. Does Dexter know what happened to Eddie? Maybe, maybe not.

WHAT’s GOOD: Anna is a great character and I was rooting for her all the way.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Egan as an author intrigues me. She knows her craft. I enjoyed the narration of the audiobook very much. Well done, all the way around.

RATING: Four slices of apple pie. LOTS of pie mentions in this one.




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15 thoughts on “Manhattan Beach

  1. This one has received mixed reviews but may be one of last year’s critical darlings that I actually liked. I loved the history of it – the diving and such. I thought the story was intriguing too. I am glad you enjoyed it! (People ate a lot of pie in the 1940s, didn’t they?)

  2. I think Egan is a fantastic writer and I would love to read her back catalog – so far I have only read this title and Good Squad.

    So funny – I don’t remember ONE mention of pie!

    1. Anna and her boss have pie on their date! I think Dexter mentions the humble pie. And that bit about the lady and her sons that Eddie met when he was going west? They had pie, not identified pie, just pie. 😉

  3. I do believe my expectations were tempered to my advantage – I had read that some people thought it too detailed and that she had to include ALL her research but I loved what she did with her research. Maybe I read your review?

    Hmmm, I don’t think I read your review. I do think I needed a story like this after the odd mix of TOB titles I have been experiencing – it seemed like a good old story story of good guys and bad guys? I can’t think of any other NY WW2 books I’ve read so that wasn’t in play, either.

    It’s all very interesting what appeals and what doesn’t, yes?

    1. I’ve heard that about her. It is amazing to write different kinds of books and all be successful? I’ve only read Goon Squad but I’m more eager to try another.

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