Letter Month Ten Days In

I am a letter-writing crazy person! Having fun going through my postcards and stationery and matching my fondness for friends and family, letting what thoughts pop into my head to guide me as to which person will get what and when. I probably have sent an average of four pieces each day so far. Yep, the math works – I’ve sent 41 pieces so far.

The website still has some kinks to work out and I have yet to join the FB group (I only applied this weekend) so I don’t feel connected, yet? If any of my friends knew me in the first years of LetterMo as “Care”, you will now need to find me as “Care_BooksandPie” at http://www.lettermo.com.

I know of one bookish friend participating. Are you? I am replying immediately to ever piece I receive so if you want mail, send me some or let me know…




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15 thoughts on “Letter Month Ten Days In

  1. Forty-one pieces of mail? CARE. I know that you are a mail-writing fiend, but that is impressive even within the category of mail-writing fiends. I bought a big book o’ stationery with one of my Christmas B&N gift cards, plus a box of 25 extremely fun and beautiful cards from Costco (no regrets), so I really need to hop on the mail-sending train.

    1. Jenny, it is super easy with a roll of postcard stamps, a box of postcards, and addresses on my phone. Takes faster to write a post card than to search/find anything to watch on television. ;P

  2. I always want to participate in this event but never remember it until it is too late and then can’t even find time to write back to my current pen pals (hint, hint). Some day.

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