Tournament of Books 2018 Shortlist

Thoughts? I’m EXCITED!

It’s Rooster Obsession Time again – I’ll be trying to read the 15 books I have yet to read before the day in March when it kicks off.

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I’ve read Lincoln in the Bardo  by Geo Saunders, So Much Blue  by Percival Everett, and Pachinko  by Min Jin Lee. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of these – all enjoyable and/or fascinating. At this point I do not have a favorite and won’t venture a Zombie vote.

The books I want to read next in no particular order:

I know Katie says Exit West is her fave so far, but I know Ruthiella was not so much a fan. The Animators is also a book that is getting love and not-so-much. I’ve seen scathing reviews of The Book of Joan but somebody must like it! All of which will make the commentary in March SO MUCH FREAKIN’ FUN.

I’m going to audiobook Sing Unburied Sing and maybe Exit West, too. I will be reading print of The Idiot because the audio sample was ear-aching. I really need to get that library card SOON!

I’m open to buying and trading. Anyone want to send me a book, I will send their choice back to them (after I read it.) LET ME KNOW – and I have a new address so please confirm – don’t just send me a book…

Happy times…





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11 thoughts on “Tournament of Books 2018 Shortlist

  1. Totally agree with Jeanne on The Book of Joan. I will be curious to read what the judges have to say about it.

    If I read one more of the short-listed books before March, I will be happy. I think I might try Exit West on audio. And after reading Gin Jenny’s excitement over White Tears, I think I need to read that one ASAP.

  2. I think Stefanie from So Many Books liked The Book of Joan, if I remember correctly…

    From the list I’ve only read Exit West and Lincoln. I loved them both.

    I’ve heard many good things about Goodbye Vitamin and The Animators. Both are on my TBR. Good luck and happy reading!

    1. I think I will eBook Exit West and perhaps White Tears. and YOU ARE RIGHT – it was Stefanie who reviewed The Book of Joan favorably. It will be interesting, that one.

  3. WHAT? You need to get a library card STAT! I have read 11 of the 18 (which is a personal best for me!) and all were from the library.

    I am just not a fan of Mohsin Hamid. I didn’t like How to get Rich or The Reluctant Fundamentalist either.

    I loved The Idiot, but I don’t think this will chime with many readers. I get that a lot of people will find it dull.

    I am going to pick up The Book of Joan and Pachinko from the Library on Saturday.

    1. I rec you read Pachinko first. It will fly. I hope to get that library card today but it is SO cold out and I really want to stay HOME and snuggle with pups. and I usually don’t complain about weather but dang!

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