Times… They are a’changin’…


FRIENDS! I love this little spot of my internet. It is all mine. You have chosen to visit. Welcome! Stay and read my thoughts or move on. Your choice.

Wow! I suppose, in the world “before internet”, I could have just stood on a street corner and shouted out a few lovely thoughts (I prefer to shout out lovely thoughts) and you – assuming you were walking by – could have stopped to see if I entertained or informed or you could have walked on, ignoring my rantings.


Here you are (I am assuming you are still here.)

It is 6:43 on Saturday evening as I type this. I have my amazing chef-husband cooking up some tasty conglomeration (yum) while I postpone figuring out who I might want to send a Christmas card to next…)

OH! I just asked my husband his TOP 3 favorite MUST WATcH Christmas movies and suggested:  Elf, Scrooged and Die Hard.

(These MIGHT be mine?)

And he PROTESTED! What about Rudolph! What about The Christmas Story?!



Please share YOUR top 3 favorite must-watch Holiday movies.

I’m now going to sit in a corner, sip my Manhattan, and read til I finish, the Gaines’ The Magnolia Story…  If you want my newest address and/or want a Christmas card, drop a note here in the comments.


*So… What exactly does this post title mean!? I don’t know. Feel free to suggest.


** Oscar is feeling ‘poorly’. Please send a healthy thought to the universe on his behalf.

*** I watched Hidden Figures this afternoon. GREAT movie!!!!!






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19 thoughts on “Times… They are a’changin’…

  1. I LOVE that you said Die Hard!!! Because that is definitely one of mine! We watch it EVERY year. We also watch A Year Without a Santa Claus every year, but that’s not really a movie. But Snow Miser, Heat Miser…yeah, I’m counting it anyway. But as for number 3…hmmm…maybe Elf? Not sure. Merry Christmas, Care!!! And loads and loads and loads of positive happy, healthy wishes for Oscar!!!!!!

  2. Hidden Figures is wonderful. It’s A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart is my favourite Christmas movie and Mr Penguin loves Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase because we see so many family members in it. Have a happy Christmas.

  3. Deepika Ramesh

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Care. My canine-companion Anu Boo and I are sending a lot of love to Oscar. Also, how do I send my address to you to receive a card? I am in Chennai, India. 💖

  4. Love this post! My top 3 Christmas films are Elf, Santa Claus the Movie and The Grinch. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them (and ‘The Polar Express’, if I can sneak another one into my list of Christmas films).

  5. Tallulah is sending Oscar lots of doggie good wishes!

    I like your choices for top holiday movies. I would add Christmas Vacation to that mix. It’s not Christmas until I hear Eddie declare that the shitter’s full! :p

  6. Oh man, so hard to pick! I think my most favourite Christmas movies are Elf, Home Alone, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But I do love Love, Actually, The Family Stone, and The Polar Express, too! And I’ll watch most of what’s on the W Network since I love a good cheesy Christmas romance. 🙂

  7. I think I sent my Christmas card to the wrong address. Drats.

    Top three movies but not in any order:

    The Family Stone
    Christmas Vacation
    The Man Who Came to Dinner

    And then if you aren’t counting….

    Christmas with the Kranks
    Love Actually (edited without the porn scene)
    It’s a Wonderful Life
    A Christmas Story

  8. litandlife

    Must watch movies: 3 classics: Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch, It’s A Wonderful Life; 3 more recent: Love Actually, Elf, A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart.
    Yes – new address please. Because you may have already sent it to me but the envelop is floating around somewhere.
    I hope Oscar’s feeling better!

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