Books I Read in September 2017

This title might be boring but it is accurate…

Yep, I read a few books in September. I read 6 fiction books, one play and a nonfiction-self help book.

Slade House by David Mitchell **** 69
Waiting for Godot / Beckett (1950,) *** 68
Run / Ann Patchett HB (2007,295) ***** 67
The Fifth Sense / NK Jemisin Tb (2015,468) **** 66
Rising Strong / Brené Brown Tb (2015,) **** 65
What Alice Forgot / Liane Moriarty Tb (2012,466) **** 64
End of Watch / Stephen King pb (2016,432) *** 63
The Essex Serpent / Sarah Perry HB (2017,422) **** 62

You know what else I did in September?  I interviewed for the second time/received and offer to ‘work’ an accepted/arranged to begin a new job! (Warning that my October reading count will be low…) *

Let’s get to this! Are you ready? I’m really not, which is why I keep typing rather than getting on with it…**

The Essex Serpent was … interesting. I did like it, I did. I liked a lot about it and yet. You want to know what this book reminded me of? Not in content but in style. It reminded me of — and this is me RIGHT NOW – I didn’t think of this while I read it but it has been subtly slowly brewing in my subconscious – it reminds me of




[Interjection here – bear with me. (hee hee, I almost typed ‘bare with me’! made me laugh.]

So, I’m interjecting here to add in the postscripts.

*      this was to let you know that I typed some of this post in October and now it is Nov 8 and I’m getting back to it. Yep – October counts were low… I *DID* start a new job in October! (it’s going well, thanks for asking)

**      this double-star on the sentence to let’s-get-on-with-it, is again to tell you that I obviously didn’t…, and


I give up. Should I have started over? I sent The Essex Serpent to Bybee. She should like it.

Waiting for Godot is Irish!*** It’s short!! I have wanted to understand all the references once stumbles upon when circulating in literate societies and now I think I can say, “I get it.”  By which I mean, I get the references. I may not have ‘got’ the play. It’s a toughie.

***       I went to Ireland in March of this year and toured an exhibit at the National Museum on Beckett… I sent this to Amy.


I read RUN by Ann Patchett and can’t remember a thing. What WAS this? [thinking/checking in on goodreads…] OH! I REMEMBER!!  Set in Boston, an adoption, liberal politician, struggling mom, talented daughter, lives collide whether wanted or not, kind of story. I liked it. I gave this book to my friend Laura. a very Boston/Mass story.

Patchett likes to mix up her settings, yes? I still adore AP. She’s a top top tippity top favorite.


I dedicate my reading of The Fifth Sense by NK Jemisin to MM, my mentor at my school last year. She and I went on to different adventures but are keeping in touch. She’s had about the same amount of changes as I have: new house/place to live plus new job. However, she got to say in the same state! I moved 1400 miles away. MM is awesome and I miss her. I’m actually taking a Spanish class at work (she’s a Spanish language teacher!) and so I get to think of her often…

This book is GOOD. I enjoyed it very much and am excited for the author and all the awards she is receiving for her talents. A series that I actually will/hope to read on.


Rising Strong by Brené Brown is a self-help kind of book. Scoff and roll your eyes all you want but I like these upon occasion and do think they have value upon occasion. This one’s take away is to BE CURIOUS when you don’t like how you react to things that make you react in ways you don’t like. (You see what I did there, yep.) and it is good advice. When I cringe or shudder or get exasperated at things where that reaction isn’t the best one to take, WHY IS THAT? How can I react in a more positive manner.

It’s helping me be more aware but I haven’t yet figured much out…


What Alice Forgot / Liane Moriarty

(I have forgotten Alice and I have forgotten what she forgot… I don’t even want to go check google. Let’s just say, I liked the Moriarity about the kindergarten kids and didn’t like the one about the Husband’s Secret. )

Carrying on…

End of Watch / Stephen King – It’s been a good summer for me and the Uncle Stevie. I finished the series. I liked the first one best. Just sayin’.

Slade House!  Recommended for next year


‘s October/RIP readings.


I’ll try to post October readings  reviews in the next few weeks…

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7 thoughts on “Books I Read in September 2017

  1. Deepika Ramesh

    Your post made me laugh. Thank you! That was touching, the reason behind your Spanish lessons. I read ‘Rising Strong’ in September too, and it didn’t agree with me. I am going to take a break from Brene Brown.

    I hope November would be lovelier to you. 🙂

  2. Totally agree about End of Watch. The first book in the series was the best one.

    Isn’t Slade House good? Supposedly, it connects to characters and worlds from his other books, which I have not read but now want to do so.

    I can’t remember What Alice Forgot either. The only one I actually do remember is the kindergarten kids one as well.

    I hope you are loving your new job!

  3. Hey, congratulations on the job! This will make your reading time more precious but it is nice to get a paycheck too!

    I was not a fan of The Essex Serpent but I am in the minority there for sure.

    Must get to Slade House as I know I will like it b/c it is David Mitchell.

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