August, You Were a Friend of Mine

August, You Were a Friend of Mine

Here’s my list from August:
The Grand Sophy / Georgette Heyer eB (1950,387) ***** 61
The Silent Wife / Kerry Fisher eB (2017,352) ** DNF 60
The Almost Sisters / Joshilyn Jackson ARC Tb (2017,339) **** 59
The Nightingale / Kristin Hannah Tb (2015,440) *** 58
Finders Keepers / Stephen King pb (2015,448) **** 57
Wake in Winter / Ndezhda Belenkaya eB (2016,368) ** DNF 56

Reviews, out of order…

I DNF’d Wake in Winter and The Silent Wife. I remember that Wake in Winter got off to a very clunky start with drastic change of tone and perspective of voice. Is the author talking or the character? Very abrupt. And… as always, when I get that distracting voice in my head that starts to question what is the what, I do looking for reviews. I found many critical negative reviews and it solidified my need to give it up. I can’t even remember what made me give up on The Silent Wife. Wow, nope, I don’t remember and don’t feel necessary to go find out. I’m sure I had good reasons. Feel free to click on the titles to go see the books in goodreads and do your own research.


I’ve already mentioned elsewhere on the bookish social media outlets that I have an allergy to Kristin Hannah. I’m sure she is lovely and she is obviously held in high esteem by her fans and that is great. I just don’t like her style of writing. I do appreciate her giving attention to the amazing women who resisted the Nazis in WW2 and for that, The Nightingale gets three slices of pie. Bonus Apple Pie.

Another issue I had with The Nightingale was that the copy I purchased from Target had 40 pages missing!!! I kept reading and have decided I didn’t miss a thing. I was able to return the book for credit which I immediately used to buy another book.


Stephen King’s Finders Keepers was that book. This is second in the Bill Hodges trilogy. I liked it. I tagged it as having a pie mention but will look it up another time.  (I read book #3 in September…)


I very much enjoyed the humor and writing in The Almost Sisters. I think Joshilyn Jackson has talent. The story, at times, had a few things that made me cringe (like why do we think we have to rush the old people into a home! GEEEEESH) but otherwise, I thought the main character has some fun things going for her and she made me laugh. Maybe made me cry, too. I don’t remember that part but it might have had some heart tugs. Bonus pie mentions: ice pie, church pie, the making of pie crusts.


And the BEST OF AUGUST! is Georgette Heyer’s The Grand Sophy. Fun stuff and always a vocabulary booster. If you like strong women in times that never expected strong women, these are a treat. Keep in mind, some character depictions will/may offend today’s sensibilities.



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11 thoughts on “August, You Were a Friend of Mine

  1. I loved The Nightingale but won’t read any of her other novels. She is just a bit too chick lit for my taste.

    I was not a fan of Finders Keepers. Having listened to the third book recently, I can’t say I am fond of the trilogy in general. I think the first book is amazing, but it really fizzles IMO. By the end of that third book, I was anxious for it all to be over.

    I cannot get into Georgette Heyer. I have tried. Her novels don’t do anything for me. I’m not offended by them; I just find them incredibly dull and frankly hilarious in their quaintness.

  2. I keep hearing The Nightingale is wonderful but haven’t had much luck with Kristin Hannah’s books either. I may still give it a go so we’ll see. Need to read The Grand Sophy!

  3. The first half of The Nightingale dragged on and on, then I read the second half in under 24 hours. Couldn’t put it down! Overall 3.5 (maybe 4)stars for me.

    Why haven’t I read Georgette Heyer yet??? Suggestion on where to start?

  4. I love love love The Grand Sophy! I just read another Georgette Heyer book, and it was just okay. The heroine spends all book being super helpful and great to the hero, and then at the very very end he like, condescends to say he thinks it’s sort of okay to be married to her. What a jerk.

  5. Eager to hear what you thought of End of Watch! Rich and I read the trilogy together this summer. Loved the first one, enjoyed the second one, and pretty much hated the third one. The only reason we even stuck with the third one was to see Holly’s/Jerome’s/Bill’s story to the end.

  6. litandlife

    I feel the same way about Hannah and yet I just bought The Nightingale for my Nook when I found it for a couple of dollars. I think my problem with her books is that people always tell me they will make me cry, which is not necessarily something I’m looking for in a book. But then A Man Called Ove and Me Before You were two books that people told me would make me cry and I read them anyway. And they did make me cry but I loved them both anyway.

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