June Feels So Far Away

I read ten books in June and I don’t feel guilty at all that it is now September when I finally update y’all on that fact.

If you were at all curious, you would be checking my BOOKS READ page and seeing what is up. I do seem to keep that current. I also am quite up-to-date on goodreads. I also enjoy posting on Litsy, if you like that book + photo app. Oh, I haven’t gone away entirely. I’m on Twitter quite often. It’s just that blogging requires more technical accessibility than I usually have – I prefer to write posts on my laptop which requires WiFi and that is truly a pain in the ass to “make right”. WiFi access is spotty at best. I don’t even want to go into it.

Here’s my June list:

June 2017 (10)
The Atomic Weight of Love / Elizabeth Church eB (2016,320) **** 49
Lab Girl / Hope Jahren Tb (2016,290) ***** 48
Dark Matter / Blake Crouch eB (2016,342) **** 47
Case Histories / Kate Atkinson eB (2005,389) **** 46
Blindness / Jose Saramago Tb (1999,326) **** 45
Being God eB (2013,222) *** 44
Being Mortal HB (2014,282) **** 43
Godspeed eB *** (2012,406) 42
Everything I Never Told You A  (2014,10′) *** 41
Kitchens of the Great Midwest eB (2015,310) **** 40 apple pie

Lifted copy/paste from my Books Read page (see menu above), I realize I haven’t even yet provided the minimal info I usually do! Uh oh. I will, I suppose, probably, eventually, go back and fill that stuff in. But let’s just randomly chat about what this list provokes thought-wise in my head. Here goes.

I liked Atomic Weight of Love. It was… odd, in some ways, very mature and almost bitter in some ways. Not quite chick lit, weighty even, if you don’t mind. Feministish history, I might say. Read it if the synopsis appeals. I won’t tell more. Go to gr and decide for yourself. It did feel like a debut of a smart woman who has seen some things who wanted to write a book. I would read more by this author. I really don’t know if I’m right about that and should probably shut up.

Segue… AWoL featured an ambitious female scientist: see next book:

LAB GIRL!  I loved it, the geek in me loved it. Not quite what I expected but that is OK. I don’t mind surprises. It is one of those surprises that makes me curious of what I *DID* expect. A wonderment, really. Every time I see a tree chopped down, I think of this book.

Dark Matter is my kind of thriller! geeky for sure. Time travel awesome. I thought I read that a movie was in the works but I could find NO EVIDENCE of such on IMDB. #shrug

Case Histories for the WIN. I do think I have a crush on author Kate Atkinson. I think/hope this is a standalone but first in the series. I can get behind a series that is standalone with same characters so I just might (probably) seek out book #2 of the Brodie guy.

Blindness was disturbing. This is one of these oddly punctuated books (I think?) Did I not read that somewhere? I already gave away my copy and don’t recall what I did with it… Anyway, I NEVER, repeat RARELY notice punctuation oddities in a book if the story is gripping. I can only shudder… this is one helluva disturbing tale. I don’t think I want to see the movie.

Being God just wasn’t my kind of book. Pretty sure I skimmed/skipped my way through it. Middle school coming of age stuff.

Three months later I don’t even remember what Being Mortal was about. OH! Nonfiction about medicine and our not-great response to aging and attempting to prolong life far beyond when we should. By Atul Guwande. It was OK, not as great as I expected. Not sure why or what I expected but I didn’t find any advice in this like I had hoped.

And now I’m blanking on Godspeed. Something about clocks. Something about a kid being upset about a few missing seconds on a world clock reset? I might be thinking about an entirely different book. Due diligence should make me go clarify so someone isn’t steered astray… Yea, maybe later. Do your own research on this book!!!  [Correct, confusing with something else. This is a steampunk romance. Enjoyable but not memorable.]

I did not like Everything I Never Told You and I like the author. I follow and admire the author on Twitter. I did not or sadly could not find an emotional appreciation/connection to this book. I gave it three stars because of pie mentions.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest was terrific! I really enjoyed it. I was saddened to followup with reviews to find many friends did NOT like this or read a review that convinced them they would not like it so are crossing off lists! I REALLY liked this book and found much that appealed to my reading emotional self. It’s all just crazy. That’s OK. Too each their own. But I would LOVE to make J____ read this and change her mind and then sit and discuss over wine….  (Wow – I don’t usually try twist peoples arms to read a book but it somehow keeps poppin up in my recall that she is thinking this won’t appeal to her…  I think that what one reviewer found annoying, I found tongue-in-cheek amusing, so it made me chuckle where the other person reacted with DNF and/or chucking the book across the room. Funny, huh.

Maybe I will post soon about the 6 books I read in July and/or the 6 books I read in August!

Here’s the photo of the sky on one of our recent boat rides:


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17 thoughts on “June Feels So Far Away

  1. Being Mortal has really stuck with me – sorry you didn’t love it. I want to get my hands on Lab Girl.

    I love Litsy but just couldn’t keep up with everything and had to let some things go.

    1. I had to let go of Instagram; I get it!

      I think I thought Being Mortal would have more guidance and things to consider. Maybe I expected too much but it was still very good.

  2. LOVED Dark Matter! I immediately tried to get Connor to read it since he is into theoretical physics like that, but he ignored me. I think he will regret waiting so long to read it when he finally does.

    You remind me that Lab Girl was one of the books I wanted to pick up. I do love science books about women!

  3. I am not J but your enthusiasm for Kitchens of the Great Midwest makes me want to read it! Totally cancels out Thomas’ negative review.

    Yea for Kate Atkinson. She is one of my favorite authors and the Brodie series just got better and better. My favorite is When Will There Be Good News, I think. But they are all good.

    1. Goodie! I’ll watch for your thoughts on gr. I’m glad we can agree on Atkinson, too. We don’t have to agree on Moriarty. I wouldn’t have thought to compare her to Picoult but that is probably because I had a preconceived prejudice against her before I read anything (bad, right?!) and Moriarity has just great humor in her serious books that I didn’t see in Picoult. But what do I know? ha

  4. I loved Kitchens of the Great Midwest. Recently, I finished: Lincoln in Bardo, My Absolute Darling and something else. Can’t remember. I am reading Bird Box now and Little Fires Everywhere so I can be ready for King’s new book on 9/26. Of which I posted a read along that no one joined. Sadness.

    Oh! And I chose Lab Girl for book club. We will discuss it in November.

    1. I’ll have to look for your review of KofGM! and I am glad you loved Lincoln in the Bardo. Hope you love Lab Girl. If not or either way, you’ll have a great discussion, I bet.

      Sorry about not joining in on the Kingalong. I am quite surprised with myself that I will be joining in on Slade House for RIP.

  5. I thought about you when I would see your Goodreads updates. Just figured you were taking a summer break from blogging. Case Histories is one of my FAVORITE books and I just adore the Jackson Brodie series. Kate Atkinson is a queen! I still want to read Kitchens of the Great Midwest.

    1. Hi Laila! Yep, goodreads is a MUST for me. I’m there a lot. Hope you are well, will pop over and see what you are up to… Hopefully some terrific books have entertained you this summer.

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