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I’ve read 4 books since my last review post and finished up May strong with 8 books (one of which was a skim from half point…)

Total for the year so far:  39 books, 9672 pages, ~147 hours

I decided a quick audiobook (< 3 hours) was just the thing to catapult my month’s stats to something I can be proud of and chose Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things to Me It was both unexpected and affirming; she is an eloquent voice for feminism and human rights. I very much enjoyed this. I was also pleased that she lent insight to Virginia Woolf’s Orlando

I DNF’d Orlando Sob, shame, embarrassment. It is NOT a summer beach read; it is dense and though very lively, it takes concentration. I admit I was lost and believe this would be a great book for serious study just not right now in the moment of my crazy life. I had originally attempted the audiobook – nope. Reading the ebook was easier, but… I can’t quite describe the feeling of drowning it gave me. Submerged in what I can only assume is amazing prose but HUH? I need guidance for next time. And I do want to try again. It’s not dry and dusty; it is very lively, but hold on! Goodness.

My neighbor gave me a book written by a friend of hers from a writing group she was involved with. I must say that it was well-written and informative, fascinating even.  I know many will and should enjoy it. It just wasn’t my cup of tea in style and format; I guess genre. I like the heavier serious immersive stuff. (How I can say that I liked The Sport of Kings when I didn’t like it but I can “like” this but not? Does that make any sense whatsoever? Nah, I didn’t think so.) I can find much to admire and can recommend Holly Warah’s debut Where Jasmine Blooms I give it 3 slices of pie. (It did have lots of pie so I could bump up to a 4 slice?)  I now must get my hands on a recipe for SAMBUSIK PIE.

Finally, my MIL gave me  A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly and I read it in one day. What an amazing story! If you have seen or  know about the movie Lion, you know what this is:  young boy finds himself on a train to Calcutta, many MANY miles away from home. He is adopted by a family in Australia and when he is 30, he decides to find out about his birth-family. WOW!!

I’m listening to Everything I Never Told You and honestly, I’m not feeling it. Shrug. I’m about 35% in. Maybe I’m just in a horrible mood this summer!? No, that can’t be all of it — I have Kitchens of the Great Midwest on ebook and I am finding it delightful.

Finally. School is out and we are headed to the boat and the lovely waters of Rhode Island. You may not see me around here much… Wishing everyone a super summer and lots of great reading!


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10 thoughts on “Latest and Greatest

  1. I love the idea of being “submerged in prose”. I haven’t read Orlando but that sounds about right for Virginia Woolf to me. I find her writing requires time and the right headspace to read it and enjoy it.

    I didn’t really like Everything I Never Told You. I found it to be super heavy handed, like the author didn’t trust the reader to get it and so just hammered her points in. But I know I am in a minority here.

    I want to try Kitchens of the Great Midwest. I know that Thomas at Hogglestock hated it, but it sounds good!

  2. Too bad you’re not feeling Everything I Never Told You… the audio was one of my favorites a couple of years ago.The author has a new book out that looks pretty good, too. I crossed Kitchens of the Great Midwest off my wish list after Thomas’ famous negative review, but may give it another look now. Enjoy your boating adventures this summer. Hope to see you around twitter!

    1. Oh geez. I didn’t register any of what Thomas hated. Huh. Shrug. It is funny what triggers us.
      And I’m bored with Everything – get on with it already.

  3. Yay for lots of reading, even if they weren’t among your favorites. Even better is the news you are heading north to enjoy relaxing days on the water! Sounds heavenly.

  4. Have a wonderful time on the boat! I wish that I, too, could take to the sea! For what it’s worth, I’ve never made it through anything longer than a short story by Virginia Woolf, and Everything I Never Told You did absolutely nothing for me.

  5. I loooooved Men Explain Things to Me. I did so much ebook highlighting and annotating in that one. I really should make another run back through it. Orlando is one of the last classics I give a fig to read. One day, when my brain is far stronger and more willing than it is right now. And I’m SO glad you reminded me of Kitchens of the Great Midwest! I have it in some digital reading depository or another. I think Bluefire. Must find it!

  6. Lots of great books and what a fun summer to look forward to! You’ll have to share with us what books you end up reading as you are enjoying your travels.

  7. First and foremost, enjoy your summer and your boating and your traveling and your reading!!! Orlando is actually the only Woolf book I’ve ever read, but she has always intimidated me beyond measure. And thus Orlando delighted me, because I found I actually loved it! Perhaps some of it was because I was reading it with Annie for school, and thus had someone to discuss it with as I went (and someone much smarter than me to boot). I really need to read Men Explain Things to Me. And again, Care, HAPPY SUMMER!!! (I’m going to try my damnedest to make sure you come home to some postcards/letters from me…)

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