Suggestions for a Book Club, 3rd Edition

My Massachusetts Book Club honors me with occasional requests to suggest a title. This is Edition Three!


The first time, I sug’d some lovely fiction choices and they chose HEFT by Liz Moore. I highly recommend the post about the books if you click on this link HERE. 

The second time, I suggested this list from which they choose State of Wonder.

Now, I get to do it again: Care’s BOOK CLUB FIVE. (Links to my goodreads bookshelf.) Or keep reading.

  1. My current book club is reading Behind Her Eyes  by Sarah Pinborough which I chose because I had heard it has quite the #WTF ending. “…takes the modern day love triangle and not only turns it on its head, but completely reinvents it in a way that will leave readers reeling.” It sounded like a fun one just to have that reaction to discuss. The blurb reads like one crazy dramatic mess. At only 20% in, I’m reserving judgement but it is very much a setup for secrets and manipulation. It’s not quite sweeping me to that can’t-put-it-down place but I’m intrigued enough to finish it.  THIS IS THE BOOK CHOSEN FOR AN END OF JUNE DISCUSSION._______________________________________________
  2. The only nonfiction I’m suggesting this time is Trevor Noah’s  Born a Crime. I’m recommending it all over the place. It’s just fascinating, funny and heartbreaking, and delivered perfectly on audio. I very much recommend you listen to the audiobook – his voice is the whipped cream on that pie. __________________________________________________
  3. They have read The Underground Railroad so why not suggest another excellent slave narrative that was big for 2016:  Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. I enjoyed Homegoing more than TUR, I found Homegoing much easier to connect to the characters even if for so few pages each. They were alive to me, they lived and breathed and laughed and cried and I with them. I was into the swing through history and was captivated by the family thread. I recommend . ___________________________________________________
  4. The Mothers  by Brit Bennett was THE book of controversy from 2016 so I must suggest it for any book club. A book that pivots on a personal abortion but that issue is not the driving theme. Would you agree?   __________________________________________________
  5. Finally, I checked into hot reads from a few years back and found this: Station Eleven  by Emily St. John Mandel. Go ahead and laugh at my review (here) because I titled it Station Ten and a Half.  Two years later, I appreciate the book more. I really can’t account how or why. Perhaps I should reread. Here’s a scary thought! I should reread all the books I have ever announced publicly that I want to reread!!!!  LOL. Great quote I grabbed for my 5 slice of pie review: “No one had any idea, it turned out. None of the older Symphony members knew much about science, which was frankly maddening given how much time these people had had to look things up on the Internet before the world ended.” (I just might reread it to see if it mentions pie.) __________________________________________________


Have you read any of these? Which would you recommend as a book club read? Which would you most like to read? I will share which was chosen by the club as soon as I hear…


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21 thoughts on “Suggestions for a Book Club, 3rd Edition

  1. Karen K.

    I love Trevor Noah! I’m on the waitlist for the e-book but my library only has print, no audio, sadly. And there is a book group I’ve been thinking about joining and their next book is Station Eleven. I’ll have to go back and read your review before I decide to read it.

    1. You are not the first to tell me that there is a backlist at their library for this.

      My review for Station Eleven only points to a few really good reviews…

  2. Whew! The last time you did this I added four books to my TBR! I have since read March and enjoyed it a lot, so THANK YOU.

    This time I have already read three of the five (and am keeping the Pinborough title in the back of my mind for when I want to read a good thriller) . I would recommend The Mothers as the best for a book club pick because there is oh so much to talk about in the book.

  3. I’ve read Homegoing and Station Eleven and both are really good. One will get you a discussion about family and race and the other will get you a discussion about the coming apocalypse and the importance of art.

  4. I just downloaded HEFT on audio from the library based on your earlier post that you linked to. I have been waiting ages for HOMEGOING on audio from the library and still have ages to go, it looks like. I listened to STATION ELEVEN and read THE MOTHERS in print. I think both would definitely be good for an adventurous book club! I don’t know who Trevor Noah is, but I will take a look for the audiobook.

    1. That’s OK, you don’t need to know who Trevor Noah is to enjoy his story. You obviously do not watch a lot of TV and I can respect that. I only see his commercials for his show and I am so bad with knowing stuff – can’t tell you if it is the Comedy Channel maybe? nor what time he is “ON”. Ha!
      But seriously, the audio is terrific.
      Hope Heft is a good one for you!

  5. The only book I have read on your list is Station Eleven and that was one book which I did not enjoy and continue to not enjoy. I will be curious to know what they pick though!

    1. Too funny. I wonder if I should go find out why? and why are you continuing not to enjoy? because people like me keep bringing it up?

      1. I would have to go back to check out my review. I just remember being underwhelmed. I don’t mind people bringing it up, but it makes me feel guilty that I wasn’t as impressed with it as everyone else.

  6. I’ve read three – Station Eleven, Homegoing, and The Mothers. All three would be excellent book group picks! Station Eleven is one of my favorite books ever, although I haven’t reread it yet. It gave me a monstrous Book Hangover. I still think about it all the time.

    1. I think I provided a strong slate here! Which makes me laugh because at my current club – I think the slate was extremely weak.

  7. I keep only the books I think I might someday want to reread but rarely reread anything because there are just so many new books and I would hate for a reread to ruin my original impression. But Station Eleven is one I kept and would very much enjoy reading again – although knowing what happens in the end would make it slightly less enjoyable on a reread.

    1. I could possibly be talked into reading Station Eleven again but I would just get it from the library if I do. Which is truly unlikely that I will reread but never say never! I seem to *say* that I will reread books more than I ever do but nothing is trending in that direction. TOO MANY DAMN BOOKS

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