What’s Care Been Readin’ Lately?


I have had a slow down. Not a slump! but a definite lack of time spent reading, it seems. I did attempt a re-listen to Lincoln in the Bardo but I didn’t finish it. I was looking listening for a pie mention that I thought happened.  PLEASE ANYONE!! If you read or will read the eBook version — do a search pretty-please?

This week, I have rediscovered my ability to read read read. I am half through the 14 hour audiobook of Warren Zanes’ bio of  Tom Petty. Wow, do I love biographies of interesting artists. I do.  Mr. Zanes is an interesting character himself and he has an appealing literary quality to his writing. He has quoted Karen Blixon and Russell Banks and a few other authors I know of (but haven’t read.)

I’m still trudging through  The Disappearing Spoon and not that it’s not interesting, it’s just that I have been not picking it up. You know what I mean? What interesting characters these scientists can be…

And finally, on the heels of the Pulitzer announcement of Colson Whitehead winning for The Underground Railroad, I decided to check if my library had a copy of The Intuitionist They did and now I’m reading it. It’s got a scientific quirky vibe. Enjoying it very much so far.


I finally watched Far From the Madding Crowd with Carey Mulligan and Martin Sheen  and it was wonderful! I loved it. If you loved this romantic triangle story with one fabulous independent woman lead, you should read my review of the book/audiobook…  You should read the book first. Film was a fun adaption, in my opinion. And visually stunning. Oh! the costumes!! And I miss reading classics. I need to get back to my Classics Club 50. “It is my intention to astonish you all.”


I made pie for Easter.

The not so pretty but still rather interesting Carrot Pie and the Italian traditional ricotta cheese pie called Fiadone:



I miss not having a book review to post on this now-dusty blog… Soon, though. Hope everyone is reading something good. TELL ME! What are you reading?





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18 thoughts on “What’s Care Been Readin’ Lately?

  1. I’ll have to look for that movie version of Far From the Madding Crowd! I loved Version Control so much I looked up his first novel and have started reading that on top of everything else (lots of poems in April.)

  2. I am really looking forward to your thoughts on The Intuitionist. I too had the urge to pick up something from Whitehead’s backlist after admiring The Underground Railroad so much (and dang if it didn’t win ALL the prizes this year!).

    But instead I am trying…TRYING…to read books I already own or in some cases, books that people have loaned to me.

    So I am currently reading Nicholas Nickleby by Dickens and Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe (in audio read by A. Martinez and in print and I think I prefer the audio over the print version).

    1. Good for you on reading your own damn books. I have a few classics on my shelves waiting patiently – Candide and that Oxbow one. (both really short!) I also purchased the latest SPIN slotted book but I don’t think I’ll make it.

    1. So, in today’s bit I listened to, I found out that the Heartbreakers opened for Cheap Trick on some tour but didn’t even know about them and were blown away (which makes me want to go play some Cheap Trick – being near Chicago in those years, I was a fan even as young as I was – ha!) and and and, Bruce Springsteen called Tom to ‘hang out’ and they drove to Tower records and bought a bunch of 8-tracks, going to the beach and driving down Sunset strip, etc. It all sounds like a small little musical club when you hear it like this. Now I want to watch Almost Famous again.

    1. That’s me. Keeping you apprised of Italian pies (I’m rhyming!!) and continuing in my loveliness. By which I mean that I continue to spread love via the USPS.

  3. I am reading Elizabeth Kostova’s latest novel and loving every minute of it! While it is not about vampires, it does have a similar storytelling vibe to The Historian, which makes it an automatic win in my book. I am also listening to The Handmaid’s Tale again, because the world isn’t scary enough that I need to add some way-too-realistic fiction to my life!

    1. Dark Time, girlfriend. I don’t think I can go to THT right now. I have yet to read The Historian – believe that? it’s true.

      I mailed you a letter yesterday…

      1. I do believe that you have yet to read The Historian, but now I want to convince you to read it.

        I tried the audio version of THT a few years ago and couldn’t do it. Somehow this time, it is working for me. Go figure.

  4. Those pies look amazing! I’m reading a Barbara Pym novel right now – one of my favorite authors. This one is her last completed novel, A Few Green Leaves. A gently amusing and smart comfort-read type of book. I need those sometimes.

  5. litandlife

    I keep thinking I haven’t been reading (and I definitely haven’t been reading as much as I usually do). Then I remembered that I had four books I’d finished and not reviewed. Seems I’m as uninterested in blogging lately as I’ve been in reading. So, Far From The Maddening Crowd, huh? Perhaps it is time for me to fall into a lovely classic to rekindle that love.

    1. Sometimes I’m itching to finish a book just so I can blog about it. Silliness.

      I really enjoyed FFtMC. It’s a fun one but it has it serious sides, too. I want to watch the movie again. It was so visually stunning.

  6. I know I need to read Colson Whitehead soon. A lot of his books are on my wishlist. The Intuitionist sounds VERY interesting (just read your review as well)!

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