Banana Cream Pie Day 2017

Happy Banana Cream Pie Day!  March 2nd…

Now, I know you all think I do everything by scratch but I don’t.

Here’s the before: img_6692 (yea, I had already deleted the pic from my phone and had to save the image off IG. I’m a dork.)

The after: img_6701

However, I can show off the pie I made yesterday for a friend’s birthday. This was my own pastry dough and I peeled/cut the apples and wove the lattice top, so YEA. Sometimes, I do it all.


The next pie day is, of course, Pi Day, March 14. Then, the 4th of April brings us Chocolate Mousse Pie Day. Plan accordingly.





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13 thoughts on “Banana Cream Pie Day 2017

  1. Sometimes shortcuts to pies are perfectly fine. That is a beautiful apple pie you made. Since April 4th is my birthday I will be eating cake. I already put in my order to my husband who will be making it from scratch. I also have an order in to the husband for something really good for pie day. He had better come through!

    1. Ok, whatever. You do know that “Birthday Pie” is a thing, right? You don’t HAVE TO have cake… But I am looking forward to your Pi Day creation! 🙂

      1. LOL! If it is any consolation, we hardly ever have cake for a big treat, it is usually pie 🙂 We just found some cherries in the freezer from last summer’s garden, it appears that Pi Day will take care of them!

  2. A lonnnnng time ago I made a Banana Cream Pie for an event at my house. To this day, I don’t know what I forgot but it was the most disgusting thing. My friends laughed so hard over it. I am a pretty good cook but that pie. OMG. So this post brought back all the memories. I haven’t had a Banana Pie since then. And that was before I was on a GF diet.

  3. I think the only banana cream pie I have ever made was one that had a layer of chocolate on the bottom. It was delicious.

    Man, you threw down the gauntlet for Pi Day. I’m going to have to make some plans now…

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