Speculating on the Tournament of Books 2017 #TOB17

Hello Friends!

Michelle wants me to post my brackets. Oh Bracketing-schmacketing! Oh, how dost this exercise tax me…

Here goes. This first bracket is my WISH of FAVORITES. I did not think at all about possibilities of winning; only went with my heart. Do know that the Zombies are impossible to predict! I can’t fathom how to do that part. I hope you can read this? Is it too small? I can always save them to a GoogleDocLink.


I want My Name is Lucy Barton to win it all. Do I think it will win, could win?! No.

I just attempted to include a list of all the books in the order that I ‘liked” and I couldn’t even accomplish THAT! Some I rank higher now than I did when I star-rated them and I bet my feelings/rankings would change tomorrow – I’m so fickle. And the issue that I still need to finish High Dive, The Sport of Kings, and The Nix. I *think* I will really like The Nix; I am liking High Dive but find myself NOT picking it up and doing anything else which is wrecking my mojo. The Sport of Kings is one I am dreading because of page count (560 but comparing this to The Nix’s 628 collapses my reasoning.) See? I cannot defend my bracket!


For my shaky tentative guess as to what may happen:


I don’t really have any faith that The Underground Railroad is a lock here but, something has to win… I haven’t read The Nix yet (as I have already mentioned for the gazillionth time), but I would be pleased if it could go on to claim the Rooster. I wouldn’t really be upset if any of these books won the Rooster. Surprised perhaps, but not unhappy. (After writing and editing this post, I already want to change my mind on a few spots… sigh)

I look forward to the lively commentary and reviews! Always a good time. Watch for it on March 8th.

To create your own pretty bracket speculation chart, click –> here <– and follow the links.


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23 thoughts on “Speculating on the Tournament of Books 2017 #TOB17

  1. No no no you’re wrong because All the Birds in the Sky is clearly superior to The Vegetarian 😉 😉 😉 BUT love seeing your bracket selections both based on what you loved most and on what you think could win. Clearly I need to get reading as I have a few of these on mount TBR!

  2. So you loved Lucy Barton? That was on my long list of ten books to pitch to my book club but I went with Lincoln in the Bardo and Lab Girl because I could only pitch two and both were chosen.

  3. I would love to see Lucy Barton win. I want to see if I can re-read it before the TOB since that is one I read months ago. But I think Underground Railroad is a worthy winner too. Having to defend it on the GR group has helped me appreciate its strengths.

    But honestly, I don’t mind which book ultimately triumphs, even if it turns out to be a book I didn’t love. What I really enjoy is the transparency of the judging, the commentary and the UPSETS…just the whole drama of it all.

  4. sarahsbookshelvesblog

    Oh man – I hate that The Mothers and Lucy Barton will have to compete against each other so early on…both were favorites of mine in 2016. However, if I have to choose between the two, I’d go with The Mothers.

  5. I loved Lucy Barton, too – and The Mothers and Homegoing! My daughter thought The Nix was excellent. She’ll send me her copy to read next month. Can’t believe you’ve been able to read so many of these books!!

    1. I think I’m just in a weird place – I have to finish High Dive before I start The Nix so why am I dragging my feet on it? My dot loved The Nix, too. Is it a Millennial kind of book?

  6. I’ve noodled around with my brackets over and over. I should just make separate think and hope ones, like you did. At this point, I’d really like Version Control to win, but I don’t think it has a chance at all. But I’ve enjoyed it the most. I think Homegoing is the likely winner, but I haven’t read it yet.

    I have Homegoing, The Mothers, The Nix, High Dive, and Sport of Kings left to read. I doubt that I’ll get to them all before the competition–the library hold lists are long! But I have my own copy of Homegoing, and The Mothers is waiting for me at the library, so I should get to those.

    I just love this whole process. It’s so joyfully ridiculous.

  7. I don’t really know why, but this year I’m not as invested in the TOB as I have been the past two years. I have a soft spot for Homegoing but will be happy with a few others winning as well. I will still read the judges’ decisions and the comments – the comments are some of the most intelligent comments on the internet! (I’m a lurker there, I don’t post anything.) It’s all just good bookish fun for book nerds. By the way, your tags made me laugh!

    1. I think this is only my 3rd year to REALLY get into it. Or rather, the first year, I fell into it and loved it but didnt’ do any prep for it. Last year, I totally missed the concept of the Zombie round but managed to read a lot of the books before or just-in-time during the tourney. This year, YOWZA – I’ve done well! All fun.

  8. Hahahaha, I never do a good job of predicting ToB outcomes. Usually I get too committed to one particular book and it throws me off. This year, it’s Homegoing and The Underground Railroad, which I think are excellent books that people would enjoy to vote for in the age of Trump. :p One year I bet it all on HHhH, a book I hadn’t read at the time but now 100% stand by, and I think it got knocked out in the first round. Can’t predict the rooster!

    1. I have HHhH on my tbr because I love all those Hs! That must have been the year that I caught the tourney at the very tail end or after. I used to NEVER know about lately-released books. I just might someday be one of these people who actually knows books BEFORE they are published. But let’s not get too crazy…
      The Rooster is unpredictable.

  9. litandlife

    I’d be happy with either Lucy Barton or Underground Railroad, two books I enjoyed a whole lot. But then I have very little to say about most of the books since i haven’t read them!

  10. Yikes! I don’t understand TOB at all! (March Madness, either) It seems incredibly complicated…I liked both The Mothers and My Name Is Lucy Barton, so would have a hard time choosing between them. I keep looking at The Nix and remembering how good everyone says it is, but never starting it. Good luck with your brackets!

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